7 Best Car Phone Mount For iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Having your phone available in a secure, hands-free fashion is vital whether you’re navigating on a lengthy car trip or selecting your regular commute music. There are lots of unsatisfactory phone cradles on the market, and not all vehicle mounts are made equal.

Whether you like to put your phone on the dashboard, in a vent, or elsewhere in your vehicle, this list will guide you to the finest car phone holder for your car and phone to keep both operating in perfect harmony.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Phone Mount For iPhone 11 Pro Max

Compatibility with mobile phones

The sort of phone you have may not be supported by all phone holders. Some only support Android, while others only support iOS. It’s also worth thinking about whether your phone mount can accommodate, or at least adapt to, the size of your phone. Look for grips that are secure and arms or magnets that will not break in a short period of time.

The interior of the car

Some car mounts may not be compatible with the model of your vehicle. If your vehicle’s air vents are modest, for example, a large car phone holder may not be the best choice. It may obstruct the vents’ flow. You may choose between a little vehicle phone holder and one with a lengthy arm to keep it out of the way of the airflow. You should also examine the slope of your dashboard and whether or not it may distort the phone’s orientation.

GPS Navigation

You can utilize your phone’s applications instead of relying on a map or having someone else read it to you. Lamicall’s Air Vent Phone Holder with Adjustable Clip CV01, for example, is a useful GPS application that may help you navigate traffic. You can even do it yourself if you have a vehicle phone holder. Remember this the next time you’re lost in a strange city.


Car mounts secure your phone so you don’t have to reach down to use it. Hands-free operation is available on several automobile mounts. They could link to Amazon Alexa and provide voice orders, for example. While driving, you may also talk to your family or send a text message to your workplace.

Location Security

Investing in a car phone holder helps protect your phone from being jostled by the movement of the vehicle. To collect it, if it slipped down the seat and dropped off, you’d have to look away from the road. And this might be really hazardous.

List of 7 Best Car Phone Mount For iPhone 11 Pro Max

lamicall Car Cup Phone Mount CCH02-1
lamicall Car Cup Phone Mount CCH02-2

Image Source: Lamicall

Lamicall’s Car Cup Holder Phone Mount CCH02 is a most recent creation phone mount for a car cup holder.


  • On the basis of extensive market research, Lamicall enhanced the previous cup holder phone holder by addressing the issues of lack of stability, limited flexibility, and poor compatibility with comparable car cradles on the market. You will have a better driving experience as a result of it.
  • This automotive smartphone cup phone can rest securely in the cup holder and hold your cell phone stably thanks to the robust aluminum alloy base with a locking mechanism and non-slip rubber pads.
  • The phone clamp’s open-access foot gives enough space for smartphone charging.
  • The Lamicall auto cup holder phone stand has a 360° universal ball joint and a 10.9′′ flexible gooseneck, allowing you to effortlessly move your phone to your preferred position, allowing you to check GPS and unexpected calls with a fast look.
  • The phone clamp’s maximum supported thickness is 15mm, so make sure your phone’s thickness with a case isn’t more than that (Not recommended for wireless charging). The expandable base’s diameter ranges from 2.4″ to 4.3″, so make sure your vehicle cup’s diameter falls within this range before ordering.


  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and easy
  • Works great
  • Suction power


  • Wireless charging problem

2. Miracase Air Vent Mount

miracase air vent mount
miracase air vent mount

Image Source: Amazon

This automobile phone mount has the most up-to-date locking design, which secures your phone to the air vent. The clip hook is securely attached, and the spring-clip plate and tightening screw assure long-term use.

It also includes clamps with a robust trapezoid construction and thicker shockproof sponge and rubber. As a result, it will never fall or stumble. With a single hand, you can easily enter and remove your phone thanks to the quick-release button and adjustable clamp arms.


  • Strong and dependable
  • Button for quick release
  • Warranty of one year


  • Installing it was a little challenging.

3. DesertWest Cell Phone Holder

desertwest cell phone holder
desertwest cell phone holder

Image Source: Amazon

This car mount’s sophisticated gravity sensor, along with a spring clip plate and tightening screw, ensures a secure grip on even the bumpiest roads. The holder’s stability is further enhanced by sticky gel footprints.

The mount is exclusively for horizontal air vents and has a glossy finish that blends in well with your car’s interior. It also has a proprietary, simple one-touch mechanism that allows for one-handed opening and shutting. The phone charging port is also fully accessible thanks to a precise cutout.


  • Exceptional adaptability
  • Operation with just one hand


  • Access to the charging port
  • Pricey

4. ZeeHoo Qi Fast Charging Auto-Clamping Car Mount

zeehoo qi fast charging auto-clamping car mount
zeehoo qi fast charging auto-clamping car mount

Image Source: Amazon

Another vehicle charger for the iPhone 11 series, this one has high-speed wireless charging technology for safe and quick charging. It allows you to maintain your eyes on the road while charging your phone, utilizing the GPS, and conversing hands-free.

It boasts an automated opening and clamping mechanism, as well as a quick-release button, which makes device installation and removal much easier. The stand rotates 360 degrees and includes telescoping arms for the best viewing. It may also be securely mounted to the windshield, dashboard, or AC vent.


  • Wireless charging that is quick
  • Design of Intelligent Automatic Sensors
  • Case-friendly
  • There are four color variations available.


  • A little too big

5. TORRAS Universal Car Phone Mount

torras universal car phone mount
torras universal car phone mount

Image Source: Amazon

This air vent car mount has a sophisticated gravity design that allows for one-handed gadget installation. The durable clip has two levels, guaranteeing stability in a variety of driving conditions while also ensuring compatibility with a variety of vehicles.

Furthermore, your car vent and gadget are protected by a thick and soft cushion lining on the vent clips and elastic. In addition, the 360-degree rotational ball design allows for multi-angle viewing. Finally, for maximum durability, it’s engineered to tolerate extreme temperatures of up to 87°C/190°F.


  • Simple to set up and utilize
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Options in two colors


  • A little costly

6. Spigen Kuel QS11 Quad Car Phone Mount

spigen kuel qs11 quad car phone mount
spigen kuel qs11 quad car phone mount

Image Source: Amazon

To protect your phone from scratches, this one comes with two magnet plates and two magnet plate protective sheets. Full documentation will be provided to help you understand the installation procedure.

The vent grip mechanism keeps your iPhone firmly in place. The magnetic strength is ideal for a secure hold. For optimal viewing, you may rotate your phone both horizontally and vertically.


  • The size is little.
  • Strong magnetic attraction
  • It is not that costly.


  • Over time, it loosens up

7. VICSEED Ultra Stable Car Phone Mount

vicseed ultra stable car phone mount
vicseed ultra stable car phone mount

mage Source: Amazon

The VICSEED vehicle mount for iPhone 11 series allows for a stable, wobble-free driving. The shock-absorbing sponge, silicone cushioned back, and silicone pads that keep the feet in place are all owing to the shock-absorbing sponge. A suction cup with a powerful suction can attach to your dashboard and windshield. In addition, an adjustable air vent clip keeps your device from scratching the vent.

You may adjust the phone to your comfort and convenience thanks to a 360-degree ball joint and an adjustable telescopic arm. The gadget’s installation is made much easier by the device’s extra-wide arms, which lock the device in place firmly. A one-handed release button on the left bottom allows for stress-free gadget removal.


  • Design has been updated and enhanced.
  • Options in two colors
  • Warranty period of one year


  • A little bit pricey than other alternatives


A car phone holder is a useful tool for keeping your iPhone 11 Pro Max secure while driving. Cell phones are important for navigation and communication, but they should not be used while driving. For secure, hands-free usage, a vehicle phone holder is a requirement. Another benefit of a vehicle phone holder is that it enables you to charge your phone with a portable charger or a power bank while driving.

If you want a secured car phone mount for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, I highly recommend Lamicall as the top choice in the market. Contact them now.

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