5 Best ATV Phone Mount Reviews

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bike phone mount BM02 black-3
bike phone holder mount bp05

Source: Lamicall

Phones are one of the essential things in our life and especially nowadays as everything has become digital, and we can’t stay away from mobiles for one second so for their protection, why compromise. Just like you spend money on your phone, you should also take care of the protection while riding them on ATVs. This article will give you a gist of the best Lamicall ATV phone mount in the market.

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What Is An ATV Stand?

bike phone holder mount bp05

Source: Lamicall

ATV is an all-terrain vehicle that is usually used in forests or desert areas. It is like a bike, but on four wheels and for your trips in the woods, it is the vehicle which you will find the most as the deserts and forests are bumpy areas, and if you want to see navigation and ride your bike at the same time then you must need ATV phone mounts that will make your work much more manageable.

ATV bikes go through highs and lows all the time, and it is kind of impossible to hold your phone while riding as it will not be convenient, so, in my opinion, it is essential to have a phone mount to secure your phone from damage.

Why Is An ATV Phone Mount Important?

atv phone mount

Source: Amazon

Nobody likes to damage their phone, and it is like the worst nightmare for anyone. In my opinion, it is imperative to first think of your phone or device’s safety before anything else as that small electronic device is like a whole world and carries all the vital information and work.

You already know that ATV bikes are made for bumpy rides and for long rides in the forest or desert. For riding the bikes, you need navigation to make sure that you are not lost or did not end up trapped, and at that time, the phone holder will be like a saviour for you as it will help you to muti-task. The phone mounts make sure that your phone is safe and accessible.

Are ATV Phone Mounts Useful?

bike phone mount BM02 black-6

Source: Lamicall

Yes, they are beneficial as it guards your phone and gives security and protection so that you don’t have to lose your most important thing. In my opinion, if you are a mountain biker, it should be a must-have in your luggage, and they are the best way to keep your phone accessible. When riding, it is mandatory to have access to navigation, and it can’t be possible if there is no phone mount as you cannot hold it one hand and use it. It is not only safe but also not possible.

What Are The Essential Things To Keep In Mind While Buying The Best ATV Phone Mount?

atv phone mount

Source: Amazon

Many things should be kept in mind while buying the mount for your ATV bikes. Below I have started some essential aspects to buy the ideal ATV phone mount, in my opinion.


In my opinion, phone accessibility is one of the most crucial aspects that should be kept in mind while buying the ideal ATV phone mounts as it is the only reason we are buying them. If your phone is not accessible, then there is no use of phone mounts. Nobody likes to stress over the fact that they have to hold the phone while riding the motorbike, so for me, accessibility will always come first.


Durability comes second in the preferential list if you have spent your hard-earned money on something that is not worth spending, so the phone mount must last for a more extended period. It’s senseless to spend money on something that is only one-time useful.


It is crucial to make sure that your phone is correctly adjusted on the phone mount; for that, you should ensure that your phone mount must provide you with adjustability so that your phone doesn’t fall or don’t get damaged. Also, check that the phone mount is flexible and can wobble or move quickly without falling so that it does not fall in any kind of bumps or stay with you on your whole ride.


The installation should be easy so that you don’t have to suffer while installing it and miss out on your trip, and you don’t want to hustle to search for the access tools while you are in the forest or in the desert where you can not find anything.


You must check that the product is water-resistant or not; otherwise, it may cause a little trouble for you and your phone, so it’s a recommendation to the product specifications thoroughly before buying it or your use.

Phone Mounts With Best Features

In my opinion, it is vital to take the product that suits your maximum needs and wants so that you don’t get any second thoughts after buying it for your use. In the further article, I have reviewed some products that are best according to my preference.

bike phone holder mount bp05

In my opinion, the Lamicall phone holder is the best-ATV-phone-mount as it has adjustable features that ensure that your phone can rotate from horizontal to vertical without putting much pressure. When you are thinking of buying this phone mount, there is no need to worry about the compatibility as it provides wider compatibility and is compatible from 4.7 to 6.8 inches; you can easily adjust your iPhone and Oneplus series and other devices respective of the measurements given above.

This phone mount comes with silicon pads that protect your phone from scratching and wear and tear as you will be experiencing bumpy rides in the hilly areas and desert. This product will be advantageous for you. The material used by the company is shock and scratch-proof and does not allow your phone to slip away.

You don’t have to worry about the small features and details as Lamicall has already made sure that you don’t suffer while enjoying your rides or at the time you are installing it. Suppose you are thinking of the durability or the warranty. In that case, you don’t have to take stress as Lamicall products are known for having an extended warranty even though you will never need it. Still, it is essential to have it, and in my opinion, it is the most suitable and favorable phone mount that you will get in the market.

Bike Phone Holder Mount BP05 Product Configuration

Product Dimensions8.8 x 3.7 x 1.8 inches
Product Weight 232g
Model No.BP05
Operating System Android, iOS


  • The silicone material makes sure to give you protection.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It has a secure design.
  • Easy detachment.
  • Ensure safety from bumpy rides
  • This product is shockproof.


  • Some part of the holder is made up of plastic.

Source: Lamicall

This holder can be used for any item, even if it is a bike, motorbike, or ATV bike; you don’t have to buy a different holder for different vehicles; one is enough. This product gives you easy one-hand installation so that you don’t have to stress about the installation process, this mount also gives you wide compatibility, and the unique corners present in the stand provides a fantastic grip to your phone so that you don’t have to worry about falling for your phone.


  • It offers wireless working.
  • It is known for providing good protection and a good grip on your phone.
  • It can be used for any type of vehicle.
  • It comes with one key lock button.
  • It is shockproof as the silicon pads guard it against wear and tear.
    Stylish design


  • Do not provide total rigidity.
atv phone mount

Source: Amazon

This phone mount can adjust any phone with a screen of 3.5 inches and can adjust mainly any phone present in the market, and its design is professionally made to fit handlebar sizes. It comes with two grips that ensure that your firm is safe and does not face any damage. It is made of high-quality plastic that will help your phone break, and the firm grip ensures that you don’t have to worry about anything and focus on your ride and trail.


  • It is a versatile stand that can adjust an ATV or any other vehicle.
  • The plastic and silicone net ensures the safety of the product.
  • It helps you to navigate easily.
  • The phone mount is highly durable.
  • Stylish design and outlook.
  • It believes in providing value–for life and quality.


  • It is made up of a plastic body.
  • It is not suitable for a sports bike.
atv phone mount

Source: Amazon

This phone holder provides 360-degree rotation and helps you to adjust it according to your suitability. It also comes with a charging port which is a fantastic feature that makes it different from others. It is designed to mount any smartphone; it can adjust anything, whether it is an iPhone series or galaxy. It is made with precision and is waterproof, which is an important feature that should be there in your ideal phone mount.

It is made up of high quality, and at the moment the phone is placed above the holder, it gradually contracts its brackets and makes sure that the phone doesn’t fall, so the overall seal design helps you to ride your ATV bike stress-free even at the time of rainy days.


  • It comes with a USB charging port and fastens your charging.
  • Even with a phone case, it can charge your phone normally.
  • It comes with a 360 degrees rotation feature, making it convenient for you to use it at any angle.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The clamp knob gives tightness to the stand.
  • Waterproof design is an important feature that makes this stand impeccable.


  • It might not go with all the products.
atv phone mount

Source: Amazon

This phone mount is made with precision, and the features it consists of are impressive and worth spending your money on. It can easily fit up to 6.5 inches of circumference, and it comes with an extra big and extra strong clip, which gives you a firm grip so that you don’t have to compromise on that.

The tightening knob of this mount is made with the best quality twisters so that it can ensure the security and sturdiness of your mobile phone. It guarantees to give you 360-degree rotation and assure you to provide a view from every angle. The holder of this mount is made of the best quality and can detach your phone easily.


  • It is compatible with all the phones, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • It is made of rubber.
  • It is a handlebar type of phone mount.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It consists of quick detachable lock buttons which can easily detach your phone from the stand.
  • You don’t have to worry about durability as it comprises solid ball joints.


  • It might not be compatible with iPhone 12, iPhone SE,iPhone mini, iPhone 12 mini, and others.


In my opinion, the best product is something that fully satisfies my needs and requirements at a reasonable price so that you don’t get second thoughts after your purchase. Still, the Bike Phone Holder Mount BP05 is the most updated and suitable among all the products reviewed above. The extra strong clip gives strong support to the device and makes sure to provide sturdiness and grip to your phone.

If you want your rides to be safe along with the proper navigation, then this ATV phone mount is perfect for you. The impeccable features make it stand out among all the other phone holders. One of the essential features is water resistance; even if you are enjoying the rain, you don’t have to worry about the holder as it is waterproof and still has durability. I hope you got all the answers for your questions regarding the ATV phone mount.

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