3 Unexpected Hacks to Cope with Back to School Anxiety – School Anxiety Tips

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We are fatigued.

BTS used to be our favorite time of the year – new school supplies, excitement, etc. This year we just feel grief. Its like a delayed emotional response maybe to the reality of the last year and a half. There was no break from anything. We went from panicked homeschool in Kinder to virtual cluster f First and after a short summer, we are supposed to be bright eyed for Second?

All of the anxiety and uncertainty of Covid, politicized mask drama, and general stress of dealing with SpEd is still there. We can only remember how last year was 9 months in fight or flight, with schools changing format and plans every other month and the country watching everyone die in the fall/winter peak.

We just can’t deal. School gives me anxiety.

But let’s face the truth, here comes the back-to-school season…

Mental health is essential. I had some thoughts about how we can cope with the anxiety of BTS. Here are something we can do to have some fun. Read on to see some school anxiety solutions.

talking to my homie about my post covid plan meme school anxiety

Snuggle a Throw Pillow to Ease Back to School!

snuggle doggie meme lamicall school anxiety

In case another round of quarantine comes, a cozy pillow tablet/phone holder is essential! As a added warmth and coziness to your bed, PL02 is just like a cute little throw pillow.

The quarantine makes people do weird things, I cut my hair during my last quarantine. The impulsion of cutting my hair was like, self judgement and shame. A conflict of my conscious and unconscious desires. I constantly want to cut my hair, yet i don’t want to get it cut. Then I feel my emotion instead of masking them with shame and judgement.

I mean, don’t cut your hair. Or cut your hair if you want. But remember to snuggle your throw pillow, it’s more than satisfying.

pl02 senario pic

Crack Some Beers!

cracking a beer with lamicall dp11 phone stand

Dude, we survived a qurantined longer than Brock Turner’s jail time! We need to celebrate this outstanding achievement with best firends! Oh, this is probably not the best time to party. But how to deal with social anxiety at school Why don’t you crack some beers and chill a little?

Waiit! I don’t have a bottle opener!!

But here goes the DP11 phone stand. It fits in to your backpack to school, it’s a decent phone holder, it’s a bottle opener!

School gives me anxiety attacks. The BTS anxiety is kicking everbody’s butt, no need to feel single out. It has a beginning, an middle, and an end.

dp11 lamicall
dp11 lamicall senario

Get Some Fresh Air, Do Sports!

back to school anxiety breathing

If you’re unvaccinated, coming into close contact with people who don’t live with you increases your risk of being exposed to someone infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. That’s why, in general, any activity that allows you to keep a social distance from others is lower risk if you haven’t had a COVID-19 vaccine. But you need fresh air to ease the anxiety.

Biking can be a nice hobby to pick up these days. Go out riding your motorcycle to get some fresh air, or run at home on your treadmill. Bike Phone holder BM02 helps to keep your phone well-and secure on the armrest, of your bike motorcycle, treadmill, or scooter. Getting some fresh air and do sports are awesome **coping skills for anxiety in school**

bm02 lamicall
bm02 scenario

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Go check it out Now!

Thanks for reading this article,

Tell me what was the weirdest thing you did during quarantine?

If you are a relatively shy person instead, feel free to contact me via rita@lamicall.com

Be Happy Back to school!

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