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Waterproof Tablet Pillow – The Third Generation Product

Lamicall launched two tablet pillows in 2020, and even though the market response was good, we didn’t stop innovating our products. At the beginning of 2021, check out our newest tablet cushion product — PL03, the pillow tablet holder.

What Is The Lamicall Brand Known For?

Lamicall Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen in 2011. Dedicated to the creation, development, and distribution of smart ergonomic solutions such as holders, standers, risers, and electronic device mounts.

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6 Best Cell Phone Holder For Semi Trucks

Having a hard time navigating or using your phone inside the truck? Read this review for a guide you choose for the best semi-truck holder in the market.

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Lamicall LS07 Review

If you’re working from your tablet all the time, it’s best to have a gooseneck tablet partner.

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