Airlift Controller Mount: A Detailed Buying Guide

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Airlift Controller Mount

Are you looking to purchase a good airlift controller mount but do not know how to choose the best one? In that case, we are here with this buying guide which contains all the essential factors that will distinguish the best model from ordinary ones, making it easy for you to choose the best airlift controller mount.

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What Is An Airlift Controller Mount?

Airlift Controller Mount

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An airlift controller mount is a tool that helps to hold your mobile phone. This device assists in providing a neat and easy spot to put the air suspension controller. Several car controller mounts, which are currently available, are formulated with the best quality materials to provide as much protection and convenience as possible.

In addition to that, these airlift controller mounts are shaped flawlessly to suit the different types of mobile phones you want. You can discover air ride controller mounts for particular applications. However, there are some universal mounts that can easily accommodate almost all kinds of phones with a minor transformation.

How Does An Airlift Controller Mount Work?

Airlift Controller Mount

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Are you curious about how the airlift controller mount works and want to know detailed information? Then, make sure to check out this section which will include the details related to its working.

The car mounts have a designed bottom foot, which makes sure to provide access to almost every phone port. In general, the sticky gel pad, which is at the bottom of the device, will firmly stick to many surfaces, even textured surfaces as well. There are some models which are completely adjustable and feature 360-degree rotation for immediate portrait and landscape views. Hence, you can turn the device either left or right, whichever suits your necessities.

Currently, you will find plenty of magnetic car controller mounts in the marketplace, which are durable enough to withstand heavy use for a really long duration. The magnet is actually located in the part which connects to the air vents of the vehicle. It tends to attract one of the two chunks of metal, which will move inside the case. Besides that, the other one directly attaches to the mobile device with adhesive. Some will have a preliminary warning which will allow you to understand that the adhesive is long-lasting.

A few other models have a single-touch lock mechanism that features a simple working function. It assists in locking the mobile device in the exact location, and there is no need for you to use your hands. The flexible bottom will easily allow you to attach an AUX or cable charging even when the tool is mounted.

Features And Benefits Of Airlift Controller Mount

There are plenty of features and benefits of an airlift controller mount. However, we have included only the best things in the below section.

Airlift Controller Mount

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Features Of The Airlift Controller Mount:

Another feature of the car mount is safety. The tool comes with a powerful base that assists in safeguarding your mobile phone from destruction. Plus, you can easily use your phone while putting it in the mount.

Adhesive Pad
The adhesive pad or the sticky gel pad is present at the edge of the mount. It is a durable part that can last longer, and you can utilize it multiple times. However, make sure to clean it properly so it would not pile up dust.

Universal Compatibility
Generally, several car mounts show compatibility with almost every model of mobile phone. Plus, it brings the back cover of the smartphone with the magnetic base which connects to it.
Generally, several car mounts show compatibility with almost every model of mobile phone. Plus, it brings the back cover of the smartphone with the magnetic base which connects to it.

Simple Rotation
Because of the rotation feature, you can effortlessly turn your phone into the desired angle. Plus, it can even capture the view during the journey, and you do not have to hold it in your hand. All you have to do is rotate the magnetic head of the device to the correct angle, and it will instantly record the image.

Secure Posture
The car mount for mobile phones will put your smartphone in a secured position. Hence, even if you are driving on rocky roads or if the vehicle is bouncing, the mobile device will remain in its original posture.

Wide Range Of Attachments
The attachment convenience is one of the best features of the car mounts. It is possible to attach the airlift controller mount anywhere in the vehicle, such as air vents, windshield, dashboard, or near the inside mirror.

Touch Technology
Currently, several car mounts come with touch technology which aids in pulling out your mobile phone from the tool without trying too hard. Plus, inserting the phone in that mount is also simple without any difficulties.

Shock Resistance And Waterproof
Though not all car mounts have this feature, most of the high-end models are waterproof and show resistance to shock.

A typical mobile car mount has the potential to carry smartphones up to 2 to 3kgs of weight. Hence, you do not have to be worried anymore if you feel that you have a heavyweight phone.

The vehicle mount assists in keeping the smartphone at your eye level. Plus, it aids in preventing any disruption while you are driving.

Benefits Of The Airlift Controller Mount:

  • The car mounts will safely attach to your smartphone and assist in keeping it stable even during the journey.
  • This tool lets you start calls without using your hands while you are driving.
  • It is possible to utilize the phone kept in the mount as a navigation device.
  • The car mount ensures your phone’s safety and deters it from sliding and dropping down.
  • You can insert almost all models of phones with similar dimensions.
  • It helps in clicking pictures from your smartphone hands-free.

Types Of Airlift Controller Mount

Airlift Controller Mount

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There are different types of airlift controller mount for mobile phones, and here we will briefly explain each one.

Magnetic Mount:
Currently, there are several models of magnetic mounts. They have a magnetic bottom that will easily attach the mobile phone to that mount. Unlike other types, the magnetic car mount does not have any handles. Only the strong magnet piece will hold the back of the phone.

In addition to that, the magnetic mounts for smartphones have adjustable arms and retain rotation features. The robust grip of the magnetic piece will help in safeguarding the phone from falls and crashes.

Cradle Mount
Another popular type of airlift controller mount is the cradle car mount. If you want to choose car mounts with a robust that can hold onto heavy smartphones, then the cradle car mounts are perfect for your requirements. These models are usually made from high-quality and durable materials. They are easy to install and offer the utmost convenience.

Wide Mount
The wide car mounts are generally a bit expensive compared to other widely-used models due to the span of the handle. However, this wide mount for mobile phones lasts longer and is an excellent pick for users who are likely to use different phones.

This type of mount can alter in the middle of the car’s dashboard. Besides that, the glossy and thin design of this wide mount protects the phone. You can easily insert large, heavyweight phones which will fit into the handle flawlessly.

Short Mount
Here is another type of airlift controller mount, which is a short mount. You can use this car mount if you do not want to hold the phone in your hand but have to use it for navigation or making calls while traveling. Plus, you can alter the angle of the mount so it will be comfortable for you while on the road. This short car mount will keep your mobile device safe from scrapes and protect it against falls.

How To Use Airlift Controller Mount

Airlift Controller Mount

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In general, using the airlift controller mount is relatively easy and quick. You can mount this device on the dashboard of the vehicle. Make sure to put it at a perfect angle which allows you to watch the navigation with ease. Depending on our experience, we recommend installing it on a horizontal and soft surface. If you would like to install it on textured surfaces, it is better to connect it to the dashboard pad.

In addition to that, you can assemble it on a desk for watching videos. If not, it is possible to connect it to the windshield, making it easy for you to adjust and rotate the angle of the car mount. Some car mounts come with a simple single-touch mounting system that locks and discloses the smartphone easily. In order to insert the mobile device, all you have to do is push it with a finger. There will be a two-step locking lever that gives extra mounting support to suit numerous surfaces.

There are some telescopic car mount models which are also durable. You can adjust the device for the telescope through the telescopic arm. Because of that, you can put it in a location that is comfortable for you while driving. When you are done using it, you can pull the clip down and remove the car mount.

How To Install Airlift Controller Mount

Airlift Controller Mount

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Here is a brief guide that will provide information about the entire installation process of the airlift controller mount.

Step 1: Assembling The Vehicle Mount
First of all, you have to build the car mount by putting the pivot ball inside the cradle knob and fastening it. However, you do not have to do this for all models because some of them are already well prepared and equipped.

Step 2: Putting The Car Mount On A Surface
Inspect for a flat, steady, and clean surface in order to install this car mount. After selecting the location, put the car mount on it. If that mount has clips, pull the clip up and put it on the surface, and drag it down. In the case of a magnetic car mount, it will automatically attach to the surface. Keep in mind if you have a textured surface, it is best to use the dashboard pad.

Step 3: Locking The Sidearms
Now, press the bars on both sides of the mount until you hear a click sound. It indicates that the sidearms are locked. If you want, you can check whether the mount is installed properly or not by applying light pressure.

Step 4: Putting The Smartphone
Lastly, put the mobile phone between the clips and press it down a little to lock it in its place. If you want, you can rotate and alter the position of the mount to match your eye level and comfort while driving.

Things To Consider When Purchasing An Airlift Controller Mount

Airlift Controller Mount

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It is essential to look at the below factors while buying a car mount for your mobile phone. If not, there might be a high chance that you will end up buying a model that does not fit your smartphone or a poor-quality one that may break into pieces.

Type Of Smartphone Attachment
In general, there are two different kinds of phone attachments: cradle and magnetic. The cradle-based models are suitable choices if you are looking for a tight fit that is mostly decent enough for heavyweight mobile devices. But, they are not ideal for slim phones. Coming to magnetic-based car mounts, they are usually versatile, and using them is quite easy. However, some models are not as steady as the cradle car mounts.

Interior Of The Vehicle
While buying a car mount for mobile phones, it is crucial to understand the interior of the car because some mounts may not be ideal for your vehicle. For example, it may not be possible to fix air vent mounts in cars with round air vents, because they can not be installed securely. Similarly, if the vehicle retains a windshield that surges vertically, then it is mostly not easy to insert a windshield mount in that car as there is not enough space.

Materials And Durability
This factor can determine the total duration the car mount will survive. It is vital to select the tools made of high-quality and durable materials. If you use a mount created with low-quality materials, it may break after a few uses, which can damage your phone during the fall. Instead of buying a poor quality mount, give preference to the models which are prepared with durable and better quality substances.

One of the most common troubles many users encounter, when they purchase a car mount without considering essential factors, is flexibility. The flexibility of the mobile phone car mount is relatively vital if you tend to drive most of the time. So, when you have to check navigation, make calls, or capture the view, the flexible car mounts will help you perform the above things hands-free.

Only if the mount is flexible, it is possible to adjust it to your eye level. Plus, the adjustable car mount comes with a handle that you can rotate to modify the posture of your smartphone.

Here is another critical factor that will help in safeguarding your mobile phone. The primary goal of developing the car mount is to secure the smartphone from scrapes or falls. When you put your cellphone on the dashboard, it may drop on the ground when you ride on a bumpy road. In order to prevent this kind of situation from happening, the high-end car mounts have a better grip and are reliable enough to catch the mobile device.

A durable and strong grip enables the smartphone to remain attached to the core of the car mount. Regardless of whether you are acquiring a long arm mount or a magnetic car mount, you have to examine the bottom of the tool to ensure its reliability.

Another factor that you may have to consider is the functions and features of car mounts. For instance, some models come with touch technology, which will stick to the surface and release the phone with a single touch. A few car mounts come with buttons, clips and you can pull out the phone easily when you press them.

There are some high-end models which include extra features but are a lot expensive. Hence, make sure to check all the additional features of the car mount before buying it. If you think that you do not need those excess functions, it is better not to acquire that model so you can save some budget.

When the car mount is damaged or broken, you can get a replacement or free repair service by claiming the warranty. Due to that, it is best to buy car mounts that have a minimum of a 1-year warranty.

In the present market, there are several manufacturers who are currently producing different models of car mounts. Some of them are available at a cheaper price, which are usually made of low-quality materials, so avoid them. It is mostly recommended to prefer the airlift controller mounts, which are accessible at affordable prices. Some high-end car mounts are expensive as they come with an extra set of features.

What Is The Best Airlift Controller Mount?

Airlift Controller Mount

Source: Depositphotos

In this section, we will talk about some of the best airlift controller mounts. However, you can choose any of them based on your own requirements.

Airlift Controller Mount

Undoubtedly, Lamicall Magnetic Cell Phone Mount is one of the best airlift controller mounts in the present market. It is known for its universal compatibility feature and can fit multiple mobile devices of different models. You have to install this mount either on the vertical or horizontal air vents in the vehicle.

The tool features strong grip settings to hold on both small and large vents, and they are carefully formulated to deter tints, scrapes, dents on the vents or dashboard. The magnetic car mount base is sturdy enough to resist road tremors and impacts.

The airlift mount comes with a 360-degree rotation feature, and it sticks your mobile device strongly to the air vent and ensures incredible stability. It supports hands-free installation, and you can fit it easily into the air vents. Due to its portable design, it tends to use small space.

If your mobile phone or its case has a smoother surface, make sure to press it more firmly for around 1 to 3 minutes while sticking it on the metal plate. After installing it, it is best to leave it like that for about 2 to 3 hours before using it.

Magnetic Cell Phone Mount for Car C Product Configuration 

Product Name

Magnetic Phone Mount

Product Weight 


Model No.


Operating System 

Android, iOS 





2. Dodge Charger Airlift Controller Mount

Airlift Controller Mount

Source – sadisticironwerks

Here is another decent pick that is made of durable materials and resists wear and tear for a longer period. This Dodge Charger airlift controller mount enables folding the regulator into the front compartment located near the shifter. It lets the controller stay still during the ride and gives a positive switch actuation.

It is possible to remove the mount and reinstall it without using any bolts. In addition to that, it is a pressurized fit for absolute reversibility. This mount arrives with controller hardware for attaching the controller to the device.

3. Proclip Airlift Controller Mount 246821

Airlift Controller Mount

Source – proclipusa

The device is made in Sweden using high-quality ABS plastic material. Because of its discreet and portable design, it will integrate well with the interior of your car. This airlift mount comes with a thickness of 6 to 10 mm (0.24 to 0.39 inches), and it enables width adjustment from 49 to 63 mm (1.93 to 2.48 inches).

In addition to that, if you would like to get an entire mounting solution, make sure to mix it with a ProClip vehicle mount. You can use it both in a portrait and landscape view. Plus, it arrives with a tilt-swivel and can accommodate both the airlift 3P remote and a touchpad.

Where To Buy Airlift Controller Mount

Airlift Controller Mount

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There are several ways for purchasing an airlift controller mount offline and online. For instance, you can open, which features some of the best airlift controller mounts. Besides that, you can find these tools online on various large eCommerce shopping websites. Plus, there are specific online websites that are completely meant for selling these devices.

If you do not want to choose any of the online methods, there are some other ways you can buy the airlift controller mount. For instance, local stores or big electronic shops tend to have different models, making it easy for you to pick the best one.


After thorough research and trying out everything, we have finally curated this guide. This post consists of all the information related to the airlift controller mount, including its usage, installation procedure, best models, and many more.

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