8 Back to School Tips for Undergraduate

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Back to school days are coming, are you ready for a new semester. Okay! Maybe not. It’s truly difficult to switch from leisurely summer vacation to regular school days. But you will feel better and perform better in the new semester if you prepare early, and here are some back-to-school tips I prepared you which may helps.

1. Schedule you bedtime and get-up time

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You may have been used to staying up for party or sleeping until noon during the summer vacation. But if you don’t want to struggle for your morning class after the beginning of the school, you’d better change the schedule from now. Put aside your cell phone before 11pm and go to bed.

2. Prepare your brain

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Your brain gets enough rest during a long leisure summer vacation. It’s difficult to get it back to a state of intense learning and memory all at once. It would take some time. So you may as well do some reading or play Sudoku during these days.

3. Pack Your Luggage

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I know you won’t forget about your digital devices such as cell phone, tablet and computer. Besides, you should also throw your stationary, clothes, skin care & makeup stuff (girls) and other necessities in your luggage.

4. Get Back-to-school discount

You may need to buy some supplies for your coming new semester, and I should tell you that you may as well searching for some back-to-school sales online. Many brands would do this. If you think searching for brand one by one is troublesome and kind of wasting time, you could try some deals website such as student beans.

( P.S: Lamicall had a 20% off code: backtoschool for all products. )

5. Sit in the front of the class

Rolling Seats3 blog

Go to the classroom early and take a seat in the front row of the classroom. This could help you concentrate more on class and less influenced by others. Besides, it could help you leave better impression to the professors.

6. Study anywhere

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Don’t just stay in the dorm and the library when you study. Coffee shop, book store, empty classroom, park are also good places that worth a try. Some times a different study environment would help you remember what you have learned better and it makes the study less boring. Take your iPad and a portable tablet stand, open the study app, study anywhere.

7. Protect your eyes and neck

Sit in front of the desk and study for a long time could do harm to your eyes and neck. ( Play the phone and watching videos for a long time could also have the same bad effect. ) You could keep a Lamicall stand with you. Adjust it to a good angle, prevent yourself from neck strain and eyesight-loss.

8. Join in a study group

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When you have a goal, you ‘d better find one or a group of people to supervise you. The best way is to join in a study group where you can meet a lot of people to make good progress together.


If you have any other good tips for Back-to-school season, feel free to comment below or tell us on social media.

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