7 Easy DIY Phone Stands You Must Try At Home

DIY crafting

Tired of holding your phone for hours while enjoying its features? Let this collection of DIY phone stand ideas provide you with comfort while browsing through your phone for a longer time. 

Do you tend to get hand numbness holding your mobile phone for a long time while watching your favorite videos or browsing the web? Everybody loves to browse the internet, especially at night while lying on the bed as you get to rest after a tiring day. However, you won’t last holding your phone in one hand for long hours. Sometimes, you have another thing to do while you need to look at your phone.  In this regard, having a phone stand is the key.

You don’t need to spend too much if you wish to have an instant phone stand. You can have one at home, DIY style! However, if you want a more versatile phone stand with a classy look that will match your room, you may opt to order one online. In this article, we gathered different types of DIY phone stands you must try at home.

List of DIY phone stands

You can refer to this list of what we compiled below about the best designs for DIY phone stands you can try to make.

7 Easy DIY Phone Stands You Must Try At Home

Life’s greatest pleasures are found in simple things. Why spend too much when you can make it on your own? Do-it-yourself crafts are the best as they offer you the convenience of not paying too much and enhance your creative side. The following are the DIY best phone stands you can design yourself. You may copy them or add a little twist to make it a lot better.

DIY phone stand out of paper

The most common thing you can find in your home is paper – cardboard, boxes, colored papers, paper cups, and toilet paper rolls. Before throwing them away after use, try to think of some things they can be of help. At this point, we may use them to build DIY phone stands.


The word origami originated in Japan, where various designs are made out of paper. Who would’ve thought it could also become a phone stand? From simple to the complicated structure of origami, it perfectly showcases unique designs. It involves folding to make it stable while holding your mobile phone. You may follow some easy steps on Youtube for different designs you’d choose for your project.

Origami phone stand designs

Toilet paper roll

Toilet paper rolls can be handy with crafts you’d want to come up with. Most of the time, we tend to throw them away after they are emptied, but look at how they can become useful. Cut them according to the shape that will carry the mobile phone, paste some designs, and voila! You got yourself an instant DIY phone stand that’s cheap yet functional on its own. 

Paper roll DIY phone stands


Cardboards are just stiffer than the ordinary paper that we used. They are more suitable to use for DIY crafts for their thick and hard surfaces. For the DIY phone stand project, cut them accordingly with the procedures you’d searched on the web. All you need are scissors, glue, and cardboard, and you’re good to start.

4 designs of DIY phone stand out of cardboard

Paper cups

Oops..before you throw that paper cup away, let me tell you that you can still use them. You must clean the paper cups before using them again, or you may use the spare ones that are not yet used. This design of DIY phone stand out of paper cups is a simple way of eliminating trash anyway. If you don’t have anything handy to use, these paper cups in your cupboard will do the trick.

3 designs of paper cup DIY phone stands

DIY phone stand out of popsicle sticks

Another item that comes with good designs for DIY crafts is popsicle sticks. You can do whatever you want with them. Cut them according to the size you want, color them with paint for vibrant hues, or simply attach them side by side to form the shape you want. Popsicle sticks are pretty hard as wood, too, so they become a sturdy phone stand.

popsicle phone stand 1

DIY phone stand out of wood

The use of wood creates a different vibe when displayed at home. It is rugged and durable, so it withstands wear and tears for a more extended period. Aside from that, even an unevenly cut wood along your backyard could be an excellent subject to become a phone stand.


If you have scattered pencils or you are in dire need of a phone stand at the moment, grab those pencils and create these DIY phone stands in no time! Just gather the two materials, pencils, and a string or thin rope for tying them, and the phone stand is ready in a few minutes.

DIY phone stand using pencil

Wine cork

Grab those wine corks and make a phone stand you could put in the kitchen or at the bar counter while sipping on your drink. It could make a statement having that design, perfect for display near your wine bar corner.

Cork-made phone stands

Wooden tablet

With this design, you’ll never get out of style as the wood of any sort can suit anywhere with just a few additions for a makeover, such as paint or gloss and a little smoothing. You can customize the phone stand by carving names onto it or simply putting it on the table as a centerpiece. Depending on your skill, you may create an intricate design to get what you want.

6 designs of wooden phone stand

DIY phone stand using fabric

You might think the fabric is too soft to become a phone stand. But guess what? They can be an excellent material to use, provided that it has other supporting items to make it stand. Below are some of its samples.

Pillow stand

To make a pillow phone stand, you need to prepare the fabric, thread, and of course, the cotton for stuffing.  It’s easy to make, and you will surely enjoy doing this while choosing the most vibrant colors you prefer for the pillow. They can be a good gift idea, too, for your family and friends.

Images of pillow phone stands

Cardboard covered with fabric

Instead of just plain cardboard for a phone stand, why don’t we put a twist to it by adding pretty fabrics and some embellishments we have on hand. You’d be surprised at how fabulous your DIY craft would become! Just choose durable fabrics with beautiful designs, or you may opt for jeans as they look good and sturdy. Use glue or sew them to attach to the cardboard, and not long after, they are ready to use.

Phone stands out of fabric-covered cardboards


Anyone would love to own a crochet item as it resulted in pretty designs. Besides, not everybody can learn crochet in an instant, so most people appreciate crochet crafts. If you’re into it, then this is the time you create one for your phone to stand on its own. 

Crochet-made phone stands

DIY phone stand out of concrete

When it comes to style and durability, nothing beats concrete. You may opt for this material and create stunning designs by using the main ingredient – cement. All you need is a good molder that the cement will follow as it hardens. Try painting them after or put anything that will add beauty to it. You may put it on any surface as centerpiece or as an adornment to any corner of your home.

Concrete-molded DIY phone stands

DIY phone stand out of metal

Metals are good samples of phone stands. Not only are they durable, but they are also flexible. You can arrange them or style them in ways without breaking them easily. The samples below are some materials you can look for at home not to spend that much. 

Spoon and fork

This phone stand uses materials that you can easily find at home. Just grab 2 or 3 cutleries, and you are good to start setting it up. It’s just perfect for placing in the kitchen while following a recipe on Youtube while cooking. There are various designs you may follow on the web for the step-by-step guide.

Cutlery samples of DIY phone stands

Binder clips

This is the most simple and very easy-to-assemble type of DIY phone stand. Your study area or your office won’t be complete without binder clips as most files are attached with these. If you need an instant phone stand, you don’t need to look further, as binder clips will help you get a quick fix. Look at the samples below, and you’d quickly get the steps to apply.

Binder clips used as phone stands

Paper clips

With a small plier, you can make the DIY phone stand in less than 3 minutes using paper clips. Ensure you are using the ones coated with vinyl or plastic to avoid any scratch on your phone. Just a few bends, and the phone stand is ready to use.

Samples of phone stands using paper clips

DIY phone stand out of clay

Turn your creative ideas into molding clays to come up with stunning phone stands. There are ways to put molders to engrave intricate designs on the clay before it hardens. The texture is quite comparable to the concrete after drying, making clays a dependable phone stand to have at home.

Molded clay DIY phone stand samples

Lamicall Phone Stands

Lamicall is a revolutionary product brand that aims to deliver satisfying gadget holders to people of the changing world today. Its name is now widespread in more than 80 countries and the number 1 brand on Amazon under the phone accessories category. It has practical solutions for the busiest people down to those staying at home seeking convenience in using their gadgets such as cellphones and laptops. 

Why Choose Lamicall?

Lamicall has been producing gadget holders and stands for more than ten years and guarantees high-quality phone stands worth buying. The benefits of having Lamicall’s reliable phone stands are endless, giving you the comfort that you need in your daily activities involving phones. Below are some of the advantages that the Lamicall phone stands offer.

  • It keeps a well-organized space.
  • It secures your phone from damage and dirt.
  • It saves you from arm fatigue and neck sore while browsing the web for longer hours.
  • It is durable, so you don’t need to buy it over again, unlike other cheap but brittle phone stands.
  • It keeps your eyes a little farther from what you used to, saving your vision from the phone’s UV.
  • It offers a lifetime warranty.

Keep in mind that when choosing a particular product, you must look after the quality and functions that can help you. It’s like picking your favorite brand of shirt or a well-known brand of mobile phone. You indeed are after the quality, right? Lamicall’s customers’ online reviews say it all – it is indeed the perfect solution for holding your gadgets. It is simply a great partner to our modern life. 

List of Lamicall’s Phone Stand Products

Get the phone stand that fits your desk or office and into your home with Lamicall’s series of gadget holders. It provides high-quality and sleek designs with great functionality you can trust. Below are the phone stands you can choose from Lamicall.  

Adjustable Phone Stands

There are various adjustable phone stands in the market, but only Lamicall provides numerous designs to suit your lifestyle and spaces. You can find what you need in its vast collection of phone stands.

Lamicall’s 4 Samples of Phone Stands

1. Height Adjustable Phone Holder DP03

  • can adjust the height from 6.25 to 8.07 inches by sliding the bar
  • with the angle adjustment of 60 degrees
  • made of aluminum rod and rubber feet under the base, keeping the stand stable
  • easy to install, only has three parts to assemble, and no need for screws and tools
  • accommodates phone thickness up to 0.71 inch
  • has a silicone backrest pad and rubber hook to avoid scratches and sliding of your phone
  • comes with colors white and black general 

2. Adjustable Cellphone Stand A

  • fits any smartphone ranging from 4-8 inches
  • An excellent accessory for desks at home and office
  • features perfect angle for viewing movies, phone calls, and other activities you do on your phone
  • made of sleek aluminum alloy with high quality and elegant finish 
  • has rubber cushions that prevent scratches on your phone
  • it docks at a low gravity center for a more stable hold of your phone
  • comes with colors black general, gray general, rose gold general, silver general

3. Adjustable Cellphone Stand for Desk DP02

  • iPhone Stand that can fit phones up to 0.71 inches thick
  • has a thick silicone backrest and rubber hook that prevents scratches and sliding of the phone from its hold
  • has counterweight base and aluminum rod for stability
  • has base rubber feet to firm the phone when tapping 
  • has three easy-to-assemble parts that don’t need other tools and screw 
  • work with phones ranging from 4 to 10 inches
  • has reserved charging slot and can flex to a comfortable angle and height
  • comes with colors white and black general

4. Adjustable Magsafe Charger iPhone Stand DP09

  • made of high-quality aluminum alloy and sleek finish for a more elegant look
  • has 360 degrees ball joint design for better viewing
  • suitable to display on nightstands for faster access
  • with rubber pads under the base and the center slot  that protects the phone from scratches  and sliding
  • has a back hole for easy removing of MagSafe
  • recommended for Apple iPhone 13, 12 series

Foldable Phone Stands

The benefit of foldable phone stands is that you can carry them along with you or put them inside your pockets while you’re outdoors. Unlike other phone holders, its functionality doesn’t end in the four corners of your home or office. Hence, if you ever get a hold of a good phone stand, it’s satisfying to know that what you have is a trusted brand. Lamicall is a high-end brand that offers sleek and elegant designs with high-quality material that lasts a long time.

3 Samples of Lamicall Foldable Phone Stands

1. Foldable Cellphone Stand DP01

  • fully adjustable phone stand with  sturdy hinges tested 6000 times 
  • dimension when folded: 4.2 inches x 3.5 inches x 0.98 inch
  • easy to carry on business trips and travel
  • made of high-quality aluminum alloy with a bigger and heavier base
  • phone dock provides support while charging and prevents slipping
  • works with smartphone sizes ranging from 4 to 11 inches
  • can set an 8-inch gadget in a landscape way
  • color comes in black and silver general

2. Foldable Cellphone Stand for Desk DP11

  • fully collapsible and ideal to bring for travels inside a suitcase or even a handbag
  • works with mobile phones and tablets with a height from 4 to 10 inches
  • has a thick silicone cover pad and rubber hook that prevents scratching and sliding of your phone
  • made of widened aluminum counterweight base with the base anti-slip rubber
  • can adjust the angle flexibly for better viewing
  • comes with colors silver and black

3. Foldable Cellphone Stand FS01

  • compact and light, fantastic to carry  during travels and put inside your backpacks or your pockets
  • uses premium abs material and non-skid rubber both on the bottom and front to prevent scratches and sliding of your phone
  • works with cellphone sizes ranging from 4 to 8 inches
  • has a center button that adjusts the stand to two heights
  • has a charger dock through the space at the bottom
  • has viewing angles from 54 to 70 degrees; enjoy Facetime calls and video watching
  • comes with colors white and black general

Gooseneck Phone Holders

What’s with a gooseneck phone holder that other phone stands don’t have? It has the ultimate flexibility. If you lie on the bed but still want to watch your favorite videos on the web, a gooseneck phone holder will help you by clamping it up on the headboard. The length of its metal pipe will give you access to put a longer and flexible U shape pipe for convenient viewing from your phone. 

3 Lamicall Gooseneck Cellphone Holders

1. Gooseneck Cellphone Holder GP03

  • uses a long arm of 98cm, wrapped in leather
  • more flexible as it has 360 degrees rotatable ball joint with a phone clamp
  • compatible with 4 to 7 inches gadgets, mostly smartphones
  • made of high-quality aluminum alloy solid core
  • can bend the pipe into “Z” or “S” forms for a more stable hold of your phones
  • user-friendly design 360-degree swivel ball joint at the center of the arm and the holder that allows changing the angles of the phone without bending the neck
  • can be mounted using the screw-on clamp base to clip the holder firmly
  • comes with colors gray and black


2. Gooseneck Arm Cellphone Holder LS04

  • recommended for reading and viewing, note: remove from the clamp when typing
  • bendable, recommended when you want to use your phone while lying on the bed
  • works with cellphones that have a height of 4 to 6.5 inches
  • has a clip holder that rotates up to 360 degrees
  • dual-arm design where the thinner upper arm is for easy twisting while the thicker lower arm keeps the phone stable
  • durable enough that it can endure repeated bending
  • has rubber padded clamp cellphone clip holder that can hold thickness up to 2.75 inches
  • comes with colors black and white general


3. Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder Mount LS05

  • durable materials and design to prevent shaking
  • perfect for watching Netflix, Facetime, or other videos while laying flat on the bed
  • can work as a tripod 
  • adjustable clamp base from 0-2.36 inches to clip onto bed frames, desks, kitchen counter, etc.
  • non-slip silicone base to prevent scratches
  • uses high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy solid core for the 33.4-inch long arm
  • works with 4-7 inches gadgets, mostly cellphones
  • comes in colors white and black general, and rose gold

Where to buy Lamicall Phone Stands?

With the ever-changing world, almost everything that you want can be bought online. The same goes with Lamicall. You can see this innovative brand in Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and almost all online selling platforms worldwide. The best way to get one is to look for Lamicall online shop, where you can select the perfect gadget holder that will suit your favorite spots and spaces.

Your inquiries and questions are welcome if you want to know more about this dynamic product. Aside from its guaranteed sturdiness, it offers a warranty to assist you when you encounter defects. It also provides a full refund for specific valid reasons regarding the product or if you’re not satisfied with it. 


Making DIY phone stands not only saves money, but more so, it enhances our skill and creativity. The benefits are quite many, especially if we are on a tight budget. However, you can buy specifically made phone stands that will satisfy you when it comes to quality and appearance. Lamicall is just a message away to deliver you the most advanced phone holders that would suit your lifestyle. Call us now for more info!

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