7 Best Laptop Stands Review – Buyer’s Guide

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Laptop is really convenient for those who need to carry it everywhere for it’s compact, space-saving and portable. However, there are still some people who like to use external keyboard instead of the ones that come with their laptops, or some one would feel that the screen of their laptop is too low which makes them feel neck pain.

And if you have the same feeling with them, maybe you need a laptop stand to help you operate your device with more delight.

There are a lot of laptop stands on Amazon, and today I will review some of them with highest sales volume and comment rate.

Top-Rated Comparison Table


( Data collected at 10th Dec, 2019 )

Best Laptop Stand in 2019 Reviewed

#1 Rain Design

Rain design is a phone/tablet/laptop stand producer based in Taiwan. All its products are with clean lines and good shapes like this laptop stand. It’s made of single piece aluminum and is made into a best angle and height for viewing.

It’s difficult for a product to have thousands of comments and still rated 4.8 stars, but this one did it. I think it is the simplicity of the product helped it.


* Clean and elegant

* Well designed

* Charging place


* Non-adjustable

#2 Amazon Basics

This is a product which has “Amazon’s Choice” label. Of course it has! 

Besides what’s its brand name is, the product also have its merits, such as angle adjustable and helps keep laptops running cooler.

The drawback is also obvious, the stopper is too high and set at exactly at where you’ll put your wrists.


* Light & Portable

* 12° to 35° Adjustable

* Good for airflow


* Stopper too high

#3 PWR+

This PWR+ laptop stand is super powerful for its multi-function. The legs are fully adjustable and could be rotated 360° . It’s more like a transformer rather than a laptop stand, and this make it could be use as a bed tray.

What’s more, it’s still a cooling pad once connect the USB Cord to your computer.

But also, according to the 1-star comments, it’s not a wrist-friendly product if you have slim laptop. 


* Fully adjustable

* Cooling fan

* Mouse place


* Stopper too high

#4 Lamicall

This laptop stand is the basic version of Lamicall laptop stand, and is the most popular one among them. 

The apperance of the product is simple and elegant, the stand is fixed to a propreate height for viewing, and it’s 360° rotate-free which is good for meeting and presentation.

The stopper is on the middle so it’s wrists-friendly.


* Simple and elegant

* 360° Rotation

* Wrists-friendly


* Height unadjustable

#5 Pyle

At the first sight of this laptop stand I thought it was a music stand. And it trully could be used by musicians, DJs and performers according to its Amazon description.

The description also said that this holder can be used for a variety of tasks such as for presentation, recording, reading, and speeches.

But it seems that some of the products are not really durable according to the 8% 1-star rate.


* Height adjustable

* Multi-usage


* Not durable enough

#6 Nulaxy

This Nulaxy adjustable laptop stand looks neat and simple, it’s foldable and the angle could be adjusted easily so that you can find the best height for your sight.

Besides, the hole on the back makes it easy for you to collect and manage the cable lines. The rubber pads would protect your device from scratching.


* Angle adjustable

* Cable management

* Rubber protected


* Height unadjustable

#7 Omoton

This verticle laptop stand is made for saving desktop space.

When you not using your laptop or want to just use it as a mianframe with a external display, this little gadget will definately help you save a lot of space and keep your desk neat and tidy.

But it’s only good for laptops with 14mm-69mm thickness, which means it’s not availible for thick laptop. 


* Space saving

* Exquisite Workmanship

* Rubber protected


* Not for thick device

What's important when choosing laptop stand

1. Sturdy

Laptop is not like mobile phone or tablet, it’s much heavier. So when you choosing laptop stand you need to choose those which looks sturdy and durable. 

2. Material

The material also related to the sturdiness of the laptop stand. Aluminum alloy is a good choice, for it’s strong enough to hold a laptop. If you find some plastic laptop stands with lower price, I suggest you choose the metal one.

3. Purpose

This is the most important thing to considerate. If you want to rise up your screen to release your neck stress but still want to use laptop keyboard, you’d better choose a laptop riser whose angle could be adjusted. If you want to use a external keyboard, you’d better use a laptop stand whose height could be adjusted. If you just want to save more space when not using your laptop or use a bigger display, you could choose a verticle laptop stand for yourself.


Laptop stand is a good gadget for those who use laptop often. Since the choice of laptop stand is quite variety, it’s better to choose those with big brand and good service.

If you have any other good suggestion about buying laptop stand, please write down in the comment box below.

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