7 best business gifts for tech company

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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( image source: Pexels )

There’s no doubt that pick a good gift for your clients and potential clients is helpful to your relationship and business. But choosing a suitable gift is usually causing a headache. It should not be that expensive but should be delicate, and if the gift could be used often, that couldn’t be better, for it would reminds the client of you and your company often. Besides, for tech companies, you should pick something related to your style, don’t think any creative gift ideas would be appropriate.


Here are 7 nice business gift ideas for tech companies you may like to refer.

( image source: Lamicall )

Nothing’s gonna be better than a gadget your clients would see and use in their office desk every day. A well designed metal mobile phone stand with your company’s logo would remind your client how thoughtful you and your company are. This gift is especially suitable for technology, electronic and software companies. Just remember to choose an exquisite package along with it.

The most important is it’s definitely not a cliche.

* Recommended brand: Lamicall

* Price: $12.99

2. Customized Calendar

( image source: Calendars)

Though less people use paper calendar these days, but it’s still common to see as an office decor. So it’s not a bad idea to give your client a customized calendar with your company’s logo and contact number on it. As long as it’s on your clients’ desk, it would be in their sight for the whole year.

* Recommended brand: Calendars

* Price: $14.99

3. Power Bank

( image source: Anker)

No one would leave a battery charger out there and don’t use it. After all, it almost a necessity for business travel. So a portable power bank with your logo and sufficient power could always be a good choice to give to your on-the-go client.

* Recommended brand: Anker

* Price: $17.99

4. Notebook


( image source: Moleskine)

Notebook would never go out of style. Even though young people more like to take notes with their cell phones or tablets, there are still lots of old schools who are more used to take notes with note book. And many businessmen are exactly this kind of old school. Give a notebook with inconspicuous logo on it’s cover or backcover would never go wrong.

* Recommended brand: Moleskine

* Price: $22.95

( image source: Douwan )

Everyone needs water so everyone needs a (maybe more than one) mug in their office. It would be a warm reminder of drinking water and your company as well. Just remember don’t overdo it! For example, don’t attach a huge logo and all the information of your company on the mug, it would be awkward to put that kind of mug on the desk. Instead, you may well design it with a small logo or a small QR code on it.

* Recommended brand: Douwan

* Price: $29.99/2 pic

( image source: Belkin )

Since wireless charging phone get more and more popular, wireless charger is also getting more and more popularity. It’s a gadget that people would never throw away. So you may as well be the first one to send this to your client.

* Recommended brand: Belkin

* Price: $59.99

( image source: Taotronic)

The air in the office is dry for the air conditioner takes away a lot of water. It would be good if there’s a humidifier in the office. Your clients, especially your female clients would love the gift. The only drawback is humidifier is usually quite large, it’s better to send by delivery than bring it by hand.

* Recommended brand: Taotronic

* Price: $79.99


A good business gift has no need to be that expensive but it should show your care. If you have any other good suggestions about gift for clients, feel free to leave a message in the comment box below.

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