$4.8 to Get a Wireless Charging-Free Finger Strap Ring Holder

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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The mobile phone are getting bigger and bigger, which is good for watching videos, but it’s really hard for small hands to hold big phones such as iPhone8 Plus. To some extend, it dose affect the operation of mobile phones if you could not hold your mobile phone steadily. To solve this problem, more and more gadgets which could help you hold your mobile phone at ease had appeared on the market during these years.

You may have already get bored of some of them, and you may find that there are always some drawbacks on those products such as the problem of a single  species models, the ring is so hard that makes your fingers hurt, affect the performance of wireless charging and couldn’t match the car phone mount, etc.

That’s why here we are, Lamicall finger strap ring holder, which could solve all these problem. Unlike traditional ring holder, Lamicall finger strap ring holder has two things to hook your fingers, a ring and a strap. Not only for making it more prettier but also give you optional grips, especially for those who think the metal ring would hurt their fingers.The strap of our new ring holder is make from soft texture which will never make you feel hurt.

And, the superiority of the finger strap ring holder is more than that, I will list them in detail below.

Help you hold & use your phone easier

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Back to the days of small screens, your thumb could probably reach all corners of the phone without any trouble. But today’s 5-inch and 6-inch models just don’t allow for one hand operation–not without a little help. With the help of Lamicall finger strap ring holder, your thumb is free to operate farther just like the picture shown above. It also helps with selfie positioning and stability, which pleased a lot of girls who like to selfie. Besides, if you are one of those guys who always left behind their mobile phone, the new version of ring holder is really a good news to you, for you could hold your giant phone with a single little finger.

Help your phone stand on desk

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Though, the name of the product is “finger strap ring holder”, but it’s not just for the fingers. Like any good-quality phone ring holder, it could be used as a table kickstand which perfectly make your phone “stand” on your desk. This function makes it more convenient when you are going to read a message or watch videos for it would provide you a nice view and totally free your hands.

Never affect the performance of wireless charging

Actually, most of the ring holders on the market have bad effect on wireless charging. To better explain, we need to understand a bit more about wireless charging and understand how it actually works.

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As you can see, wireless charging uses the two electromagnetic coils to create a magnetic field between two devices. The base station has a transmitter coil, and your phone has a receiver coil. The base station regularly sends a signal out, and when a receiver coil gets close enough, it would create an electromagnetic field, which enables the wireless charging process. However, you might not know that some material such as metal can reduce the impact of the charging fields.

According to the principle of wireless charging, it’s not difficult to figure out why those original ring holders affect wireless charging. One of the reason is those ring holders are made of metal,and another reason is some of them are too thick to allow the two coils get close enough.

The detachable design (The lanyard with finger grip part can be detached) and diversified materials (The lanyard with finger grip part are made of metal) of Lamicall finger strap ring holder solved these two problems perfectly, so you can use it without worrying about affecting wireless charging.

To avoid affecting the wireless charging performance, some of the grip holder choose plastic material to make the whole product, which made it impossible to work well with the magnetic car phone holder. The Lamicall finger strap ring holder’s designer took this into full account. So you can see the detachable part of it is made of metal, which made it easy to be firmly attached to the magnetic car phone holder. This function helps you use GPS and digital map with one hand and focus on driving.

Looks different, infinite possibilities

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I believe it’s easy to notice the differences between Lamicall finger strap ring holder and traditional ring holder at the first sight for it’s improvement in appearance. The addition of the strap adds some beauty and pleasure to the product and the surface of the detachable part could be designed to different pattern. How about Avengers series, World Cup series, NBA series, DC series,etc. Use your imagination and this product would have more possibilities in appearance.

In order to meet your every needs and provide you a simpler life, we will keep improving our products or add innovative elements in them. And we will continue to develop new products to cater to the ever-changing electronics market. So, keep following us.

Oh! Maybe you still like the original version of phone ring holder, it’s ok. Just look down here…

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