5 Reasons to choose Lamicall T-Stand

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Since Lamicall T-Stand was revealed,it has become the star product of our company and the top-selling product on Amazon platform.

Lamicall T-Stand is a gorgeous example of what makes a great phone stand, with steady design and a beautiful look. But it takes more than stableness and beauty to beat the rivals. Here are some reasons why so many customers choose Lamicall T-Stand.

Not afraid of falling down


The body of Lamicall T-Stand is made from premium aluminum alloy, which is a go-to material for phone stand because  it’s lightweight and shatter-resistant.

Compared with those phone stands made from plastic, Lamicall T-Stand would not be broken or deformed even if it falls from your desk. 

Easy to carry it anywhere you go


The angle of T-Stand can be easily adjusted from 0 to 270 degree without  seized up. So it can not only provide you a comfortable height and angle but also can be folded up small enough to be taken in a bag. Compared with other phone stands which are unadjustable, the foldable design makes T-Stand a better choice for travel.

Help to cool down your device

T-Stand is also called video game stand. As we all know, electronic devices such as Nintendo and mobile phones will heat up after long time use, especially playing games.Compared with plastic material,the aluminum alloy we use for T-Stand could help to cool down your device. 

Hold your device while charging


Playing games and watching movies could be power-intensive. Fully considered the  situation, Lamicall T-Stand leaves an opening between the hooks and a hole on the back for data line to get through, which allows you to use your device and charge simultaneously. Compared with those stand without a place for data line, T-Stand wins!

Protect your device with rubber protector


Lamicall T-Stand is equipped with a flexible rubber protector which is molded around the metal frame to protect your device from scratches and sliding.Besides, there are 4 rubber pads at the bottom. They hold the stand in place while still allowing you to slide the stand around the desk. Compared with those stand without rubber protector, it goes without saying that you should buy the Lamicall T-Stand.

Lamicall wants to share a simple life with everyone, and that’s why we’re striving to deliver a better stand which is far surpasses the stands that already on the market. Made of high quality premium aluminum alloy, good-looking, sturdy construction, equipped with rubber protector,adjustable angel,fordable design, and that is Lamicall T-Stand.

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