5 Best Offline Marketing Ideas in 2019

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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5 Offline Marketing Ideas in 2019
5 Offline Marketing Ideas in 2019

( Picture from Pexels )

Let’s first define it, offline marketing is as it speaks for itself, different from online marketing, marketing in real life. In today’s digital world, online marketing plays a more and more important role in brands building and company strategy. Someone even say offline marketing is dead, is that true?

Of course not! Offline marketing could help you bring your business into the real world and multi-channel marketing approach maybe the key to help you success.

Why offline marketing is still important

1. Different touch point

Different touch point

( Picture from Pexels )

There’s a saying about marketing: You have to come across your potential customer 7 times before he or she goes for using your service in a situation they need it. That means you should do more than Facebook ads and Google ads. Marketing is all about getting in your target audience’s mindset, and this process requires several touch points between you and them. You could also appear on their daily newspaper or monthly magazine, maybe on the subway they take everyday, so that they will keep your brand in mind and respond when they are in need.

2. Distrust to online marketing

Distrust to online marketing

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In a survey of consumer’s attitude towards online brands and advertising, the report showed that 42% consumers claimed to distrust brands and 69% consumers distrusted brand’s advertising. 

Why consumers don’t trust online marketing, there are mainly 3 reasons: No face to face interaction with seller; no touch and feel the product before buying; no security of personal information.

All these make offline marketing still important in brand strategy.

How to do offline marketing nowadays

Here are 5 ways to do offline marketing.

1. Attending trade shows

Attending trade shows

( Picture from medium.com )

A trade show is a good chance to raise your brand awareness, and many of your potential clients may there as well. So you not only need to set a goal before you attend it, but also need to think about how to make your show and brand unforgettable. Everyone at a trade show is going to be giving away some sort of free swag. Most likely it is going to be branded pens, markers, bags, and pins. If you want to stand out you need your promotional items to be more useful, and different from the norm.

A great promotional items is using customized technology. For instance, a custom phone stand could have your brand name laser on it. It’s great giveaway because it is actually useful, as well as really great looking.

2. Visiting Clients

Visiting Clients

( Picture from communcat.com )

As online contacting is more and more convenient these days, you may ignore that it’s super crucial for you to visit your customers physically. It’s the best way to build good relationships face to face. But Visiting customers is like working out or eating healthy: everybody knows they should do it, very few people actually do.

When you did all the pre-work for the visiting, just bring enough business cards and marketing gifts, believe me, you’ll get much more than a click on your website.

3. Roadshow


( Picture from bicentennial.com )

Roadshow, as it’s name tells you, is to take your company’s message and brand on the road. It could increase brand awareness and products knowledge. When you have chosen the right timing and location, then you need to think about how to make it creative and unforgettable.

There is no such thing as “too much promotion and free gifts”, some useful gifts with your brand name on it would make customers happy and get you more engagement.

4. Promotional products

Promotional products

( Picture from lamicall.com )

If you use promotional products like custom phone stands, consumers ( people who get those promotional products) will see your brand name usually. According to a consumer study by PPAI, 81% of people who receive promotional products will use them for over 1 year, and 83% of them are more likely to do business with the brand who give out promotional products.

The choose for promotional products is not casual. It’s best useful in people’s everyday life, this will increase the chances of regular use, and therefore brand recognition. This is why tech accessories are especially useful – not only are they valuable, but we use them on a daily basis.

5. Sponsor a community event

Sponsor a community event

( Picture from ci.emeryville.ca.us )

Sponsoring a community event is a feel-good offline marketing ideas. Not only your brand get seen, you get to make everyone feel good about you being seen.

Community events are often looking for sponsors. You get to put your brand name all over the event, and they get to afford to host it. The host and the attendees will be thankful, and you’ll be happy to help out the community.


Speak of offline marketing ideas, there are much more than the 5 ideas I mentioned above, such as leave your business card everywhere, hold a contest, member cards, make speeches, brand collaboration, donate, rent a billboard, etc.


You can see that there are so much different ways to promote your brand online and offline, what you need to do is that stick to your brand and product, find out what kind of promotional method is good for your business and keep going. If you stared and repeated consistently, I am sure that you will get more traffic, more leads and more clients.

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