5 Best Airpods Pro Cases For 2020

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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airpods pro

( image source: apple.com )

Apple has launched its new Airpods Pro on 30th, Oct. It’s definately a big news for apple fans, geeks and music lovers.

The Airpods Pro is more comfortable to wear, equipped with noice-cancellation function, water-resistate, has adaptive EQ,  and the most apparently, shorter charging case.

Besides, it’s more expensive than the former version. Now that you have (or going to) spend a lot for this new Airpods Pro, I guess you would like to have a nice-looking and high-quality case to protect it from drops and scratching.

Actually, there are 4 reasons mainly:

1. The charging case is important but a little bit fragile.

2. You can change the apperance by changing the case.

3. Many cases equipped with metal carabiner, make it easy to hang on keychain or other place.

4. Keep the charging case clean.

Puffycute airpods pro case

#1 Puffycute Silicon Carrying Case

There are 4 colors, black, dark blue (picture above), light blue, and pink which girls like the best. This slim silicon rubber case will help you protect your Airpds Pro all the time.


#2 ESR Clear Case

For those who like the original look of Airpods Pro charging case, this ESR clear carrying case would be their best choice.It's made with clear TPU material so it looks really clean.

Puffycute leather airpods pro case 6

#3 Puffycute Leather Case

If you want a high-end feeling Airpods case, then this leather look case is definately your thing.The inner side of the case is made of PC material and the outter side is made of PU material.


#4 ESR Silicon Case

This is also a simple soft silicon case for Airpods Pro, the best thing I like it is that there are plenty of colors to choosesuch as purple, yellow, red, and even papaya. I can do a collection of it.

Puffycute AirPods Pro case 8

#5 Puffycute Cartoon Case

If you like cute stuff, you wouldn't pass this super kawaii whale shaped Airpods Pro case. Besides its cutee looking, it's a thick rubber case which could protect your device completely. There is another clownfish version of this Airpods Pro case in its shop.

Here are the best 5 AirPods Pro cases we found which are delicate and could protect your charging case, if you have any better idea of this topic, feel free to comment in the box below.

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