4 Best Phone Mounts for Motorcycles

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Your phone is one of the most essential things you must bring everywhere. But, a problem that has stumped many is the usage of their phones when riding their motorcycles. There are phone mounts specifically made for such a purpose, like gravity phone holders and waterproof iPhone 6 motorcycle mounts. You may want to consider getting one for a few reasons we’ll discuss later. Here’s a review of the best motorcycle phone mounts on the market.

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Why Motorcycle Phone Mounts Can Change Your Game

Motorcycle phone mounts are a game-changer. Imagine being able to use your phone while on motorcycles (well, that may be dangerous!) for safety and navigation purposes. You won’t get lost on the road anymore, right? There’s so much more to do with a phone when riding, and here are a few benefits that motorcycle phone mounts can bring you.

Easy and secure access

Motorcycles do have storage devices where you can place your phone. However, you don’t want to handle so many gears just to get your phone out. That’s a downer for many riders. Phone mounts, on the other hand, provide you with easier access. Mostly, they’re attached to the handlebar, so you can see it in the front. They can also help secure your phone throughout your ride.

Using navigation apps

Navigation apps can help you find your destination. Some of them can even provide you with shorter routes to get there quickly. While most people can use such applications in cars (with a cup holder phone mount, for example), a few can use them on motorcycles. A mount that can withstand the rugged driving style of this type of vehicle will allow that.

Moreover, many people who use their motorcycles for work, such as for deliveries, would require such products. Apparently, they couldn’t possibly have memorized every location there is, right?

Catching important calls

People call for a reason. Though some just want to say some nonsense to you, some may be important calls for a serious reason. For instance, your relative may ring you for emergencies. Whatever reason there is, bringing your phone while traveling would help you catch the important calls you don’t want to miss.

For emergencies

If you don’t want to miss important calls, you would also not want to not be able to make calls that may involve your safety. On a light case, you can call a friend if you suddenly got stuck in the middle of the road. In slightly worse cases, you might be in a health danger, and a phone would be your lifesaver. You may be able to ensure that you have it with a motorcycle phone mount.

Sharing your ride

One of the joys of using a motorcycle is to track your mileage, take some photos of your destination, and share it on your socials. Whether you’re riding for leisure or for some serious training, being able to share your rides with your friends and acquaintances is a kind of entertainment as well. Phone mounts for motorcycles may be helpful in doing those.

4 Best Phone Mounts for Motorcycles

Advertisements for motorcycle phone holders can only bring you so many sugary words. That’s why to get facts straight, we reviewed some of the most well-acclaimed products from various top brands in such regard. We also checked their ratings, quality, and similar factors in this review. Check them out below!


  • Upgraded one-hand operation phone clamp
  • Upgraded phone clamp secure lock
  • Lined with silicone pads to protect your phone from scratches and vibration
  • Adjustable for 360 degrees
  • Universally compatible with most phones sized 4.7 to 6.8 inches
  • Has tight clamps to fix its grip on the handlebar

This one is for those who frequently go ride their motorcycles in a rugged style. Yes, though motorcycles are rugged in nature, this Lamicall Motorcycle Phone Mount & Bike Phone Holder is one to withstand even more rugged rides with its thick body. As you’ve seen in the photo, it features four thick corners that hold your phone in place.

The depth of the corners is observable and them being that deep will help secure your phone when you’re hitting the road. They are padded with silicone to ensure that your phone doesn’t get scratched. The silicone padding actually also helps mitigate the vibration that your device will receive throughout the ride.

When it comes to how it attaches to your ride’s handlebar, the accompanying screw secures it in place. Plus, there are silicone pads inside the diameter of the mount to help ensure its grip on the handlebar. Those pads are removable but removing them may compromise the stability of your device.

This product also has an anti-slip strip on the middle part that also enhances its grip on your phone. It is mostly compatible with handlebars that are up to 1.57 inches in diameter. You can use this motorcycle mount with phones sized up to 6.8 inches. What’s amazing about this product is that it comes at a very affordable price.


  • Very affordable for a motorcycle phone holder
  • Upgraded one-hand operation phone clamp
  • Upgraded phone clamp secure lock
  • Suitable for rugged use
  • 360 degrees adjustable
  • Protects phone from scratches and vibration with silicone lining


  • Limited size compatibility

Roam Co-Pilot Bike Phone Mount


  • Universally compatible with phones up to 3.5 inches wide
  • Has a plastic grip and silicone net for phone protection
  • Fits 0.875-inch to 1.25-inch handlebar diameters

If you’re looking for the most affordable one with an okay quality, you may want to consider this Roam Co-Pilot Bike Phone Mount. Here’s a little clarification: although its name has the words bike phone mount in it, it is compatible with handlebars with up to 1.25 inches of diameter. So far, this is the most affordable pick that may be suitable for normal rides.

Unlike the first product that we reviewed, this one is more suitable for rides that do not induce much vibration and ruggedness. It does have a vibration-dampening component but as it uses silicone to hold your phone in place, the phone may not be secured properly. The material is soft, and there’s the possibility of it snapping. The rest of the product uses plastic.

That downside aside, this product allows much versatility for the user. The first is with the phone compatibility. It can accommodate any phone that does not exceed 3.5 inches in width and 8 inches in length. Another is its 360-degree rotation, which allows users to tilt their devices at any angle.

If you are confused with the size dimensions of this Roam Co-Pilot Bike Phone Mount, recall that a silicone net is used to hold your phone in place. It is a somewhat stretchable material, so it can accommodate many phone models.


  • Available at a low price
  • Does not hinder viewing of phone screen much
  • Good range of phone size compatibility
  • Good compatibility with varying sizes of handlebars


  • Poor-performing with vibration
  • A bit unstable to use
  • Silicone net may snap apart

Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount


  • Uses a dual-stage lock to secure devices to the motorcycle
  • Allows quick attach and detach
  • Must be paired with an accompanying Quad Lock case

This Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar is almost universal to all kinds of phones but with a twist (pun absolutely intended!). It needs an accompanying Quad Lock case that can be attached and detached to this mount with just a twist. Yes, this motorcycle phone mount does have a twisting mechanism that does that.

Let’s first discuss the mount itself. It fits handlebars with a maximum diameter of 1.25 inches. You can secure it by tightening the metal part that wraps around your handlebar with its accompanying screw. It does not take up much space unlike our previous picks, so it’s quite easy to the eye even if your phone is not secured by the mount.

The only downside is that you cannot use this mount without its designated phone case. You see, the phone case has a special design that fits the attachment and detachment system of this product. A good thing (or maybe not), though, is that there is a universal adapter that you can get alongside this mount.

It’s made with good materials and has good proportions too. A pity is that you can only use it with the said phone case. This makes it not affordable for many because just the mount alone costs a bit high, plus the price of the case if you were to use this one.


  • Good patented design
  • Simple appearance
  • Quick attachment and detachment of phone


  • Not adjustable
  • Expensive

4.RAM Mounts X-Grip Tough-Claw


  • Allows quick clamping to rails and bars up to 1.14 inches in diameter
  • Lined with rubber for stable grip
  • Rubber caps and X design allows full-screen phone usage

Out of all our picks, this option may be the quickest to assemble because it just uses a clamping mechanism to attach to your handlebar. RAM Mounts X-Grip Tough-Claw uses a clamp padded with rubber (to ensure the stability of grip), which can be tightened further by rotating the little component on its side.

One of the best aspects of this phone holder is that it only hinders small portions of your phone screen, unlike other variants. Though it may come with an optional part that will further secure your phone but may compromise screen viewing. The holder is also adjustable and tiltable, which is also a plus for a motorcycle phone mount as it allows flexibility for the user.  

What’s actually ingenious about its X design is that the height of the phone may not be much of an issue for many. As long as your phone’s width is within 3.25 inches, it would be suitable for you. It is mainly made of stainless steel, but the parts that contact your device are made of rubber.

The dimensions provided in the specifications summary above are at their minimum. Depending on how wide your phone is, it will further expand and change. Note that this phone mount is only compatible with motorcycles that have a 1.14-inch diameter handlebar at most.


  • Allows good phone screen view
  • Has rubber parts that prevent scratching
  • Good quality with stainless steel
  • Almost universally compatible with all phones
  • Easy to install


  • It may be a worry for most drivers when doing rugged rides
  • Not too secure due to clamping mechanism

Wrapping Up

When considering the price, quality, and overall usability, our top pick is definitely Lamicall’s Motorcycle Phone Mount & Bike Phone Holder BP03. It is generally good for rugged rides, affordable, and can secure your phone adequately. The other options are good too without a doubt. But, they either need an accompanying expense or fall short in terms of safety.

Phone mounts are essential things that can undoubtedly change your riding game. Get the best ones by considering those in this review or to buy our top pick.

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