10 Easy DIY Cellphone Stands

Icy Liu
Icy Liu
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Release your creativity with these easy to make DIY Phone stands. If you are not up to it, we also listed a few that you can buy online without any hassle. Let’s start!

Nowadays, almost everyone has access to a phone. However, if you’re watching a movie or playing a game on your phone, it can be difficult to do so when the phone is lying flat. In this day and age of cutting-edge smartphone technology, a phone stand is an absolute must-have accessory. It allows you to hold your phone in a comfortable position for seamless Zoom meetings, movie watching, and even TikTok recording.

Making a DIY phone stand is the focus of this guide, which will teach you how to unleash your inner artist. Instead of purchasing one, you may create your own out of common household components. There are a variety of materials that you might use to create your own phone stand. Listed here is a list of ten simple and innovative DIY phone stands that you can build in less than five minutes. If you’re not up to it, just keep reading until the end of the article, when we’ll show you the best phone and tablet stands that you can easily get on the internet.

Table of Contents

What Are Cellphone Stands?

Phone stands are little items that are used to support your mobile device when it is not in use or being used. In order to view hilarious videos and scroll through pictures on your phone, they must be placed on a hard surface, such as a table or desk. This helps to keep your phone clean and safe. You have a choice of buying or customizing your own phone stand. Either way, both of these choices can help you keep your phone safe and clean.

What Are the Different Types of Phone Stands?

Phone stands are available in a variety of colors and designs, ranging from the bizarre and quirky to the elegant and practical. Among your alternatives are:


These stands are attractive when placed on a desk, yet they are lacking in some important qualities. Due to the fact that they are not adjustable, it is difficult to conduct meetings when the phone is at a set angle. Despite the fact that they are aesthetically pleasing, these sorts of stands are not the most practical for office use.

The Phone Case Stand

In addition, cases for phones that have built-in stands are available. These cell phone desk stands are usually not adjustable, despite the fact that they are superior to stationary stands. Some models allow you to place the phone on your desk horizontally or vertically. Still, they do not allow you to modify the position of the phone.

The Popsocket Stand

On the market, the Popsocket is one of the most widely used phone accessories, with millions of units sold. As phone grips, they performed admirably in our tests; nevertheless, as cell phone stands, they performed utterly inadequately. Whether or not you can use the Popsocket as a stand will be determined by where you adhere it to the back of the phone. It has little adjustability and is more of a balancing act than a phone stand, which is unfortunate given its purpose.

Stress Toys

These squishy cell phone stands have a lot of personalities and are a lot of fun. You won’t have to worry about any scratches or scuff marks on your phone because it will be well-protected and cushioned.


Rings can be thought of as the PopSocket’s more refined sibling. If you wish to watch Netflix on your device, you can prop it up with the included holder, and if your hands are busy, you can grip the holder with your other hand.

How Can You Use a Phone Stand?

Due to the fact that people are so reliant on their smartphones, they may be used anywhere – in the car, at home, at the office, and even in line at the grocery store!

Here is a list of all the instances in which a phone stand or holder will come in useful.

Working on a number of different projects

Are you a working professional or a student that has a large number of projects to complete? The use of a phone stand allows you to easily view two different gadgets at the same time.

While using the restroom

Despite the fact that it is disgusting, many individuals use their phones while in the bathroom. This prompted a woman by the name of Anna Brewer to design the Wallabox, a phone holder that can be mounted directly to the wall in public restrooms.

Driving in Your Automobile

A phone mount allows you to keep your smartphone visible while keeping your hands on the steering wheel at the same time. Play your Spotify music while keeping track of your location using GPS.

Getting Ready to Sleep

By connecting a video holder straight to your headboard, you may watch your videos in bed. In the event that you do not have access to a television or if you would like to listen to a podcast while you sleep, this is an excellent alternative.

Preparing Meals in the Kitchen

In addition to watching videos while cleaning those pots and pans, phone holders can be used to follow a recipe the next time you want to attempt something new in the kitchen!

Purchasing Groceries

To drive a cart around the store, you must be able to do so without using your hands. It is simple to look at your grocery list while not running into other people thanks to a holder attached to the handle.


Without having to worry about losing your phone, make your next hole-in-one! It will be safe and secure with a phone mount that can be attached to your golf cart’s handlebars.

Taking Care of the Lawn

You may easily view YouTube videos while cutting the grass with the help of a phone stand. Your neighbours are going to be envious of your success!

The risk of dropping your phone or having it slide out of your pocket will be eliminated completely! There’s a stand or a holder for practically any setting you can imagine!

The Benefits Of Cell Phone Holders

The following advantages of using a cell phone holder for your gadgets should be taken into consideration in this age of technology and increasing screen time.

  • Safety:Using a cell phone stand in the kitchen or while using GPS navigation ensures your safety when taking calls or using your phone for navigation. A cell phone holder or stand can free up your hands so that you can do other things.
  • Protection:Cell phone holders can help you avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, also known as Text Claw, which is a syndrome that causes discomfort and numbness in the hands and fingers as a result of holding gadgets for an extended period of time.
  • Comfort:Holding your cell phone or tablet while watching television or reading can be exhausting after a while. A cell phone holder provides relief and relaxation for your hands.
  • Multitasking:Using a phone holder while watching something on your device can make it easier to multitask.
  • Dedicated space:Place the phone holder in a prominent location on your work desk or by your bedside so that you are more likely to use it to hold your phone or tablet.
  • The ideal viewing distance: The majority of individuals do not pay much attention to the distance at which they should hold a screen in their hands. It is possible that incorrect viewing will have an influence on your eyesight. A phone stand enables you to keep the screen at a suitable viewing distance for optimal viewing comfort and visibility.

If you somehow want to purchase rather than create, we introduce you to the best product from Lamicall. Lamicall s1 is a stylish yet durable choice that will give you a hands-free experience with your phone. It is made of aluminium alloy, has a smooth edge as a result of the surface polishing process, and is lightweight and portable. Its Ergonomic design, which is both lightweight and durable, provides excellent vision when using Facetime or watching movies.

It’s the perfect choice for phone holder enthusiasts and the best in terms of durability. Check out Lamicall for more phone stand products.

Make Your Own Cell Phone Stand

Of course! Interestingly, the materials required to construct a phone stand are readily available, and some are even free. For instance, a phone stand can be constructed using small sticks, cardboard, pencils, and paperclips, among other materials. The technique is also simple, and it just takes a few minutes to complete the project and then uses it as desired.

Occasionally, you can easily utilize the resources to create a phone stand if the style is suitable for storing your treasured phone. The function is identical to that of other phone stands on the market. Creating a DIY phone stand is an excellent way to repurpose leftover items around the house.

How to DIY a Phone Stand

Before we go through a long list of cellphone holder ideas, let us show you one of the most common DIY that people do. Let’s create a stand using a Paperclip!

Step 1. Get a paperclip that is a minimum of 2.5 in (6.4 cm) long

To create a phone stand, look around your home or office for paperclips that can be used as phone stands. If possible, choose a paperclip wrapped in vinyl or plastic to prevent any accidental scratches to your phone’s screen. If you wish to create a stand for a larger gadget, such as a tablet, you need to use a larger paperclip.

Step 2. Straighten out the paperclip to the maximum extent possible.

To get the paperclip out of the folded position, use your hands to bend it. Make an effort to smooth down any little bumps or kinks in the clip. If straightening the paperclip using your hands proves to be too difficult, a pair of pliers should be used.

Step 3. Fold the paperclip in thirds.

Make two corners out of the straightened paperclip by bending it using pliers. Clamp the pliers in a place where you want each corner to go, and bend the end of the paper clip towards the pliers to complete the shape. Make each bend a third of the way away from either edge and at a 90-degree angle. Attempt to make the paperclip resemble three sides of a square form as much as possible.

Step 4. Fold 1⁄2 in (1.3 cm) of each end of the paperclip up at a 90° angle

Bring the pliers up to the paperclip’s two ends and tighten them. In order to make a corner that bends up from your work area, bend each tip upwards and towards the pliers as shown. In this way, the phone stand’s “feet” will be formed, which will prevent your phone from sliding forward while in use.

Step 5. Bend the paperclip's two shorter edges into 90° angles.

Fold the edges of the feet into corner forms using pliers. Assemble the paperclip by bending it in the middle of each short edge. The phone stand’s foot and back both point upward. The arm part of the chair lays flat against the work surface. From the side, the phone stand will take on the shape of a square “U.”

Step 6. Arrange your phone horizontally across the phone stand's arms.

Placing the phone stand on a flat surface with the feet pointing upwards and the arms parallel to the ground will ensure that the phone stand is stable. Adjust the position of your phone on the stand so that it is horizontal and the back of your phone is supported by the stand’s tall back. It will be impossible for your phone to slide forward because the feet of the stand are on the same side as the screen.

Now, you have your own DIY stand!

Cell Phone Holder Ideas

In this day and age of cutting-edge smartphone technology, a phone stand is an absolute must-have accessory. It allows you to hold your phone in a comfortable position for seamless Zoom meetings, movie watching, and even TikTok recording. You don’t have one yet, do you? Another collection of the quick and easy DIY phone supports that you can construct in less than five minutes is shown below. Take some inspiration from this list and come up with something unique of your own.

DIY Wood Cell Phone Stand

Do you have any scrap woods you can use at home? Consider these amazingly designed cellphone stands made of wood.

1. Minimalist Wood Phone Stand

Utilize wood to give your DIY phone stand a rustic appearance. Choose your preferred wood, chop it to the size of your phone, carve out a groove, and add a tiny angle to ensure that your phone is precisely angled while used.

It’s one of the most adaptable phone stand designs you’ll ever encounter, as there are an endless number of variations that can be created to suit your fancy. Add nooks for your keys and watch to transform it into a versatile phone stand. While you’re at it, try making a one-of-a-kind DIY phone charging station.

2. DIY Cellphone Stand With Accessory Holder

For this DIY phone stand and accessory holder, you’ll need wood glue, a wood clamp, a drill, and three wooden dowels, among other supplies. Drill two holes just above the tip of a rectangular piece of wood, feed two strips of sticks through the holes and then drill two holes in a small piece of wood that is exactly the same size as the holes in the larger piece of wood. Insert the sticks from the larger wood into the holes in the smaller wood with wood glue.

3. Creative Wooden Phone Stand

If you believe that a wooden phone stand is a standard item, you may easily customize it. All you have to do is paint the wooden phone stand you already have with a dark gray or black color. Eventually, the wooden stand takes on the appearance of a large rock. Wait until the paint is completely dry and it appears that you have created a phone holder out of rock in the process. You may want to include some small elements, such as miniature plants or flowers, to make it appear more realistic.

4. DIY Key Chain Phone Stand

Do you have an antique wooden key chain that you might use? Consider the possibility of repurposing it before replacing it with a new one. You have the option of making a little slice for your key chain. The thickness of your phone must be compatible with the thickness of the slice. When holding the phone, see if the key chain is strong enough to hold it. If it is, you have succeeded in repurposing an old key chain as a phone stand.

5. Luxury Phone Stand for iPhone

The fact that it is a luxury phone holder does not imply that it is pricey. It is possible to make it out of reclaimed wood material. Give the material a last coat of varnish to make it shinier as a finishing touch. Make a frame out of two thick wooden pieces and tweak it so that it looks exactly like the picture. Add a few extra things to make sure that the stand is sturdy enough to support the phone in its position.

6. Wooden Phone Stands

Do you have any previously used wood? Take a little piece of it that corresponds to the size of your smartphone and set it aside. Simply take the length and thickness of the smartphone into consideration. It is the most straightforward DIY phone stand that you can make at home. Make two wooden phone stands, one for the horizontal position and one for the vertical position.

DIY Cardboard Cell Phone Stand

Got a bit of creativity in you? If you mix creativity + cheap stuff, then you have a cardboard cell phone stand. Here are some quick ideas you can adapt to create cell phone stands from cardboard.

1. DIY Phone Stand Made of Cardboard

For those looking for a cheap phone stand, this cardboard phone stand is a good option to consider. All that is required is for you to design the piece and paint the cardboard to make it more visually appealing. The important thing is to use thick and sturdy cardboard to hold the phone in place.

2. Phone Stand Made of Cardboard

The following supplies will be required for this project: cardboard, ribbon, felt, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Cut the cardboard into pieces that are the same size as each other and arrange them according to their size. Using a long strip of felt, arrange the pieces on it, leaving a small amount of space between each piece. Pieces should be lined with ribbon, and one half of the ribbon should be attached to one side of each piece. To assemble, turn everything upside down and fold it starting with the smallest piece. Attach your phone to the phone holder.

3. DIY Triangle Cardboard for Phone Stand

You can use this triangle cardboard phone stand to hold your phone if you don’t want to make a fancy design out of cardboard. All you need is triangle cardboard and rectangle cardboard to complete this project. Simply cut slices into the triangle cardboard on both sides, making sure that the slices are large enough to fit inside the rectangle cardboard. For the vertical and horizontal positions, you now have a simple cardboard structure.

DIY Cell Phone Holder for Tripod

Need something to hold your phone while you are recording or taking photos? In short, like a tripod but made by yourself? Here are some ideas you can use to create your own!

1. DIY Tripod Phone Stand

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a tripod in order to make a fantastic video or photograph. The above-mentioned DIY phone stand made of plastic can be of great assistance to you. The plastic composition is sturdy enough to handle the phone in one hand without falling apart. Simply modify the phone’s location in accordance with your requirements after that point.

2. Dino Tripod Phone Stand

It is a one-of-a-kind phone stand in that it appears as though your phone is being held by a dinosaur. Because of the model, it is possible that this project will be a little complicated and will take some time to complete. However, if you are looking for something different to place on your table, this dinosaur phone stand is a good option. As a wonderful gift for your handsome son, you might make use of this opportunity.

3. Homemade Tripod Stand DIY

This is built out of a pipe, foam board, cement, a brush, and paint, among other materials. Then glue the form created by the cut to a sheet of paper to finish off your three-armed star project. To finish the inside, use cement to line the shape, then insert a pipe in the middle of the shape, fill it with cement, and let it cure. In this case, the pipe serves as a support for the tripod stand.

Improvised Cell Phone Holder

Need a phone holder ASAP but you don’t have any time to create one or buy one? We got you! Here are some materials you can use to improvise a cell phone holder you can use.

1. DIY Paperclips Phone Stand

It is possible that you are not aware that the office supplies can be used as a phone stand. Paperclips can be used in place of pencils and strings, among other things. It is only necessary to use paper clips of medium or large size to ensure that it is strong enough to keep the phone securely in place. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have a brand new phone stand on your work desk.

2. Sticky Tape Phone Stand

Do you require a phone stand in case of an emergency situation? Simply get a piece of sticky tape because it is an excellent option for holding your phone. Although it is not a particularly attractive phone holder, you can use the sticky tape to hold a phone whenever and wherever you want, which is particularly useful in an emergency situation where you have forgotten to pack a tripod.

3. DIY Phone Stand From Binder Clips

For this one, take a couple of binder clips from your old business reports and clip them together to form a phone stop. Then simply position your phone and you’re ready to go. In the video above, you can see that there are numerous ways to use clips as a phone stand in various situations.

4. DIY Pencils Phone Stand

This is yet another phone stand made using pencils and rope. It is quite simple. You’ll need approximately 5 pencils. Make a triangle base out of three pencils, much like you would for an Indian tent, by placing them on top of one another. Then, holding the phone between the two pencils will be easier. Just make sure that you tie the pencils together precisely in order to produce a sturdy phone stand construction.

5. DIY Gift Card Phone Stand

If the cards are thick enough to hold a phone, you can use any type of card you like. A gift card that has expired is an excellent alternative. If you don’t have any additional accessories, you may just slice the card and make sure that the slice is the proper size for the phone. Your phone stand will be ready as soon as you place it on the slice.

DIY Car Cell Phone Holder

However, why not simply purchase a phone mount? You can, but it may be tough to find one that fits your vehicle’s unique architecture. With the variety of car holder alternatives available on Amazon alone, it may take many purchases to find one that fits. Constructing a do-it-yourself car phone mount is the prudent course of action. In the majority of cases, your selected phone mount will be ready to use in a matter of minutes.

1. A Binder Clip DIY Car Phone Holder

Using a binder clip to keep your smartphone safe in your automobile is maybe the most straightforward solution. As previously shown, all you need is a binder clip, a few rubber bands, and a wrench to complete this project (or a similar tool). Binder clip handles should be bent into a claw shape, and rubber bands should be wrapped around the claws of the binder clip. After that, attach the binder clip to your dashboard and slide the phone between the bent handles of your phone. The rubber bands will hold the phone in place, and the binder clip will hold the dashboard in place as well.

2. Elastic Band and a Paperclip

If you thought a binder clip was a low-tech solution for mounting your smartphone in your car, wait till you see this. Simply wrap a rubber band over one of the grilles of one of the heating blower fans in your automobile to complete the installation. The rubber band is pulled back through with the help of a paperclip. All that remains is for you to insert your phone inside the loop created by the band. Although this method has certain advantages, it has one significant disadvantage: the screen is partially concealed by the rubber band. It’s a functional DIY phone mount for your car, but it’s only capable of supporting calls and music, rather than Google Maps.

3. DIY Smartphone Mount With String and Two Paperclips

Keeping with the stationery concept, you can even use a length of twine and two paperclips to hang your phone from a hook. The phone must have a “flip” cover in order to be used with this DIY phone holder for vehicles. If possible, the cover should be hinged along the long edge for the optimum effects. Simply measure the distance between the heater blower fans in your automobile and cut a piece of string a little longer than that. Tie one end of the paperclip to the next, and then place them in the fan grille. Make use of your phone’s flip cover by slipping it over the string and fastening it.

4. Magnetic DIY Phone Holder for Your Car

This idea, which makes use of magnets, provides a solution that allows you to quickly attach and detach your phone. By inserting a tiny magnetic disc into the case of your phone, you may attach your smartphone to an L-shaped mounting bracket. In this example, the mount is made of metal and is thin enough to fit between the hardware on the dashboard of your automobile. It is possible that an alternative mounting position will be necessary for your vehicle.

The mount is equipped with four batteries that are permanently attached to it and ready to hold your smartphone in place. Ultimately, you will have a DIY smartphone mount that allows you to swiftly attach and disengage your phone while getting in and out of your car. It’s conceivable that this construction will be able to withstand the weight of a tablet computer as well.

5. Wooden DIY Smartphone Car Holder

By following the concept outlined in this video, you can unleash your inner woodworker. This smartphone vehicle holder is made of wood and is designed to fit into a central dashboard pop-open cupboard. In essence, it’s a piece of wood with a groove cut into it to accommodate the phone. All you have to do is open the cabinet and slide the phone into the groove. Simple. Simple, effective, yet possibly tough and time-consuming to put together are the words that come to mind. While this is a simple woodworking project, it is also a wonderful starting point for those who are eager to improve their woodworking skills.

DIY Cell Phone Holder for Wall

Need something stable that you can put on your wall? Here’s an idea you can use!

Wall Mounted Phone Holder

This may be a complicated solution, but hey, it’s good to have a little challenge right? Try this wall-mounted phone holder using PVC.

Cell Phone Holder for Bed DIY

Do you want to use your phone in bed? Perhaps watch Netflix or youtube while your phone is stable in your bed? Here are some ideas you can actually use.

1. DIY Popsicle Stick Phone Stand

A pop stick is also a useful waste to save because it can be used to make something useful in the future. Take approximately 10 popsicle sticks and glue them together in the manner shown in the picture. You may rest assured that this material will hold your phone in place. Indeed, the phone stand is completely free and performs just as you would expect it to.

2. DIY Phone Pillow Stand

Cotton, sewing clips, stuffing, matching thread, and iron are used to construct this. Prepare the cloth for sewing by folding it in half and stitching both sides together before turning it out. Sew the bottom piece of the stand together so that it remains stable. Fill the pillow with pellets and stuffings so that the phone can stand up on its own two feet comfortably.

3. DIY Concrete Phone Holder

Made with a spoon, a plate, a piece of cardboard, acrylic paint (acrylic paint, oil, water, and fine cement), and fine cement. Make a good mix of the cement and use it to build the base of the stand with the help of the cup and the mold. Because of the lengthy procedure involved in its creation, it is a little difficult to understand.

4. Phone Holder With Wine Corks

This project will necessitate the use of six wine bottle corks. Carefully cut out a notch for your phone in three of them with a sharp knife, being sure to use the proper size. Then use hot glue to attach all six corks together to provide a sturdy holder for your phone. Later on, you may sit back and relax with a glass of wine while watching a movie on it.

DIY Cell Phone Stand for Desk

Would you like to have your own cellphone stand that perfectly complements your desk? This list of DIY ideas can be customized based on your ideas.

1. Octopus Phone Stand

A distinctive feature of this phone stand is that it resembles a segment of an octopus. It appears as though the tails are attempting to steal your phone. The octopus phone stand is a unique and eye-catching object that may be displayed on your workplace table.

2. DIY Cassette Tape Case Phone Stand

In addition, you can recycle your old cassette case into something useful. Continue to open the case until you are no longer able to stand it. You might add some more accessories to make it more interesting to look at if you want. By converting the old cassette case into a lovely phone stand after it is finished, you are giving it a new use.

3. DIY Bamboo Phone Stand and Charging Station

This bamboo phone stand would look fantastic in your office or on your working desk. The use of bamboo adds a bit of Japanese flair to the design. It is an excellent phone stand for contemporary home decor. You are about to receive a phone stand with a straightforward design that is yet useful in holding critical goods such as mobile phones.

4. DIY Pipe Mobile Stand

To straighten or make the pipe flat, iron it over a sheet of paper after cutting the pipe along the length of two different-sized pipes; then iron it again. Repeat this step on the other side until you have two flat pieces on your hands. Cut the longer piece into a rectangular shape—the smaller piece into a square shape using precise measurements on both pieces. Build your mobile phone stand by stacking the two pieces on top of each other.

5. DIY Pallet Phone Stand

This palette phone holder is a work of art in its own right. The natural texture of the palette lends a beautiful appearance to the holder’s appearance. In order to make the piece shine more, you may wish to apply a finish. In conjunction with your beloved phone, the palette phone stand is a wonderful match.

6. DIY Creative Wood Phone Stand

If you’re looking for another animal to utilize as inspiration for your DIY phone stand, consider a whale. Make use of the whale’s mouth, dorsal fin, and air hole as holders, as well as other elements of the whale. Wood is an excellent material for making a phone stand that is both long-lasting and robust enough to handle a variety of goods, including your phone, without breaking down.

Makeshift Cell Phone Stand

Do you need something temporary while waiting for your phone holder? Here are some great ideas from us! Check out this list of amazing makeshift cellphone stands that you can use temporarily or permanently.

1. DIY Hard Paper Phone Stand

If you want to make a phone stand out of simple material, you may start by making this paper phone stand from scratch. Choosing a thick piece of paper that is robust enough to hold the phone is something you should think about. You may use it not only to store your phone, but you can also use it to recharge it, which is a fantastic concept.

2. DIY Triangle Paper Phone Stand

It is possible to make a phone stand out of thick and colorful paper. It’s as simple as folding the paper into a triangle form. When you’re finished, try to place the phone on the paper to see whether it’s sturdy enough to hold the phone in place. This triangle paper phone stand is a wonderful choice for a small space or table because of its compact design.

3. Plexiglass iPad Stand

For a phone stand, plexiglass is one of the most commonly recommended materials because it is both easy to shape and long-lasting. The translucent model results in a design that is both simple and attractive. It is a viable option for a contemporary design. Place the plexiglass phone stand wherever you want, whether in your bedroom, office table, working table, or even the kitchen. It is completely customizable.

4. DIY Phone Stand Made of Card

Keep your expired card in your possession. A waste for someone who is creative, however, is not a waste because it may be used as a phone stand. It is sufficient to fold the card into three sections until it resembles an S or Z form. After that, you can use it as a phone holder. To avoid the card from moving when you place a phone on it, be sure to fold it neatly.

5. DIY Phone Stand Credit Card and Binder Clips

It also doubles as a fantastic DIY phone stand. All you need is an expired card and some binder clips to complete the project. You are not required to fold the card in any way. Instead of folding the card, two binder clips can be used to pinch the sides of the card together. Use the part of the binder clips that is not attached to the binder to hold your phone.

Final Thoughts

Why spend your hard-earned money on a phone stand when you can construct one for free out of common household items such as toilet paper rolls, paper clips, and even a piece of cardstock? Buying a phone stand from a store is less stressful and takes less time than making one. Making one from scratch, on the other hand, can be really fulfilling. Go through our prepared list and select the phone stand that you believe will work best for your mobile device before beginning the construction process. The following DIY phone stand solutions are intended to be both quick and functional.

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